Takes lots of work and spiritual training to better figure out what sources are reliable.

I strongly believe that the inhabitants of this Earth are responsible for any technological or spiritual advances that happen here, NOT ALIENS COMING HERE IN FLYING SAUCERS. I strongly believe UFO’s are still unidentified flying objects. There is so much misinformation(from unreliable sources)  on the internet. Not enough sites exist that work at debunking these unreliable sources, but some reliable sources can be found with enough effort. One has to work hard to develop really good spiritual radar, so that one can better figure out what sources of information are more reliable. One can train oneself spiritually to gain a stronger spiritual connection with reality so one will not be taken in by crazy theories that have little reliable facts to support them.

I am very much into spiritual beliefs that enhance ones focus on making a positive difference here on this Earth.  Any beliefs that forces from outside this Earth are playing an important role in helping us develop technologically or spiritually devalues our own efforts in this area, and takes away from us developing the very intense spiritual focus required to tackle the serious problems that exist here.   All beliefs take up our energy and affect how well we can focus spiritually.   We need spiritual beliefs that appreciate the amazing things the inhabitants of the Earth are able to achieve and that do not quickly accept that some outside force will bail them out when they do not work hard enough to deal with the problems that exist here.   A lot of beliefs circulating on this planet are crazy and based on unreliable information and tend to be distractions from one gaining the even stronger spiritual attunement and focus required in the very challenging age we exist in.   When few facts exist or unreliable information is put forth, all kinds of crazy conspiracy theories can be developed by people who allow their imagination to go wild.  We all are deluded to a degree, since it is impossible to gain a perfect spiritual grip on the truth.  It takes a lot of work to gain the spiritual character required in order to be able to obtain a stronger spiritual grip on the physical reality we exist in.   The people who have really struggled in this world and are really connected with the serious problems that exist here are less likely to be attracted by beliefs that have more fantasy in them than reality.   Often in times of crisis one is forced to improve ones spiritual beliefs so as to gain a stronger spiritual grip on reality or not be able to survive!  Pain and hardship tends to often go with gaining a better grip on reality.

My spiritual training program which includes very difficult meditative and cardiovascular exercises is geared to helping one be able to handle spiritually(emotionally extremely difficult(uncomfortable) physical-spiritual states.  Here is a link to the type of meditative mind-body exercises I do:


Here is a link to a video showing the type of dumbbell swing that I do nonstop for 14 minute using 20 lb dumbbells:


Here is a link to the history of my dumbbell exercise to show how long it takes to get really good at a very spritually and physically  challenging cardiovascular exercise:


The strongly believe that the stronger we develop our physical-spiritual connection, the more we are able to connect spiritually with the challenging physical reality we exist in.

I put a link to an article on how UFO mythology tends to develop in the first comment, since I could not get the link to work here!

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