History/Evolution of my Overhead 2-handed (modified)20 lb Dumbbell Swing Exercise Routine

WARNING:  This is an extremely intense exercise routine which requires a lot of fitness to do!  Do it at your own risk. Check with your medical doctor if you have any conditions that could make this routine unsafe before attempting this.  I started out this dumbbell swing routine while already in very good physical condition.  This exercise was designed for those with an extreme spiritual-physical  focus, awareness, and expertise(capability) required to safely handle the years of intense physical-spiritual training involved!

Before October of 2012, I had been doing some 40 lb overhead 2 handed (modified) dumbbell swings as part of my workout, but had not been increasing then in number. Doing them 3 days a week. I then in October 2012 I started increasing the number of them I could do starting at 8 of them at the beginning of the Month. I was at 19 of them at the end of the Month, and at 45 by the end of November and at 81 at the end of the year(2012). I was planning to work up to being able to do 100 of them nonstop. But, when I reached 91 of them, at the end of January 2013, I felt it was unsafe to do so many of them. So to avoid possible injury, I decided to limit them to 50(40 lb ones) and then do as many 20 lb overhead dumbbell swings as I could without stopping with a very quick transition from 40 lb dumbbells to 20 lb ones.

By the end of June 2013 I was doing 7 minutes of this routine nonstop and at the end of 2013, I was at 19 minutes nonstop. I then cut back to doing 17 minutes of this routine until July 2014, when I added a small meal of salted oatmeal to fuel my routine rather doing it on an empty stomach and started to increase the nonstop minutes of these dumbbell swings again. I was up to 20 minutes nonstop of them by the end of this month and up to 36 minutes of them nonstop by the end of August. Then at this point I decided to do them a little more intensely/rapidly which cut down the number I could do to 14 minutes nonstop.

One of my latest change in my dumbbell swing routine happened recently(12 January 15) when I hurt my right side of my lower back that really hurt right after I completed the 40 lb dumbbell swing and was transitioning to the 20 lb ones. I completed the routine while having some pain thinking it was only a cramp, but the pain did not go completely away. That was when I decide to eliminate the 40 lb dumbbell swings from my routine since they could only be done anaerobically with the muscle pain(burn from lactic acid build-up)) created by this state which made me less able to read my body so as to prevent injuries. The 20 lb overhead dumbbell swing could be done aerobically without building up lactic acid, so made it easier to do them really intensely while avoiding injury.

The routine has not gotten easier with 14 nonstop minutes of 20 lb 2 handed overhead(as modified from standard dumbbell swing in the way shown on the video). I feel it has actually gotten more difficult to do, since I now can do them a little more intensely than when I started with the 50 40 lb dumbbell swings. I now continue to do the dumbbell swing routine 3 days a week(very early in the morning 4:15 AM) with stretching before and after and warm up and cool down followed by a 1 mile slow meditative run, and on the other 4 days of the week(4:15 AM) I do a 2 mile run starting out more intensely and ending in a slow meditative run. I do a meditative walk of close to a mile every day in the evening.

2/13/15  I am now doing all 14 minutes of my 2-handed overhead 20 lb nonstop modified dumbbell swings with the extension behind the head and then back over the head again. This change makes it fit the description of the “barbarian dumbbell swing”.

2/16/15  I am now doing this exercise more intensely so can only last 13 minutes nonstop.  I have been doing this exercise with more and more of it done with my eyes closed, to the point that now my eyes are closed most of the time when doing it.  I now breath in and out 4 times per dumbbell swing.  By comparison, I do breath in and out with every step when doing my meditative walks and runs!

2/27/15  This is my current dumbbell swing routine: 3 days a week at 4:15 AM, I do stretching for about 5 minutes, then some light weightlifting(warmed up using 20 lb dumbbell and arms for about 2 minutes doing all types of movements a few times in standing position), then do dumbbell swings, then brief cool down with 5 lb dumbbells and 5 minutes of stretching, followed by a slow meditative run, and end with a very short slow meditative walk: about a mile covered in total. I do as many 2-handed overhead modified(bending elbows when lifting dumbbell overhead, limited squat, and extended to behind head) 20 lb dumbbell swings as I could do in a total of 13 minutes nonstop! I am in slow motion the last(13th) minute due to fatigue! I do these with my eyes closed most of the time while breathing in and out 6 times with each dumbbell swing. I do move my head looking down on the high part of the swing and looking up when on the low side of the swing.

1/30/16  I am now doing this routine, but with a few changes!  I do it at about 5:30 everyday now, and do only 8 minutes of the nonstop type of dumbbell swings I do.  I found out they are called “barbarian dumbbell swings”.  I do them more intensely, so I burn out faster and last less long.  Short intense cardio has been found to be a very effective exercise provided one is fit enough to handle them!

5/26/16  I am now doing this exercise for 6 nonstop minutes but due to the meditative breathing I use and the intensity that come with it, this exercise is actually rougher to do than when I was doing it anytime in the past.  I feel like I have continuously made progress in the direction of making this exercise more difficult for the body and spirit to handle.  The last minute of this exercise is done in slow motion due to fatigue.  I breath in and out 6 to 8 times with most swings and as much as 10 times with a few.  This rapid breathing(over-breathing)makes this exercise more meditative and rough to handle spiritually and physically.  But, my goal was always to make this exercise rougher than anyone else could handle, which I feel I have succeeded in doing.  My new Astrology system and the spiritual beliefs/theories that come with it enable me to handle reality on an extremely rough level, which is what this spiritual-physical exercise creates when done the way I do it!  I am not training to be an athlete, but to be able to perform spiritually on an extremely high level.

6/21/16  I have recently got more intense with my breathing technique.  I start out breathing in and out 10 times per swing(about one minute), then do all but the last minute breathing in and out 8 times, and then do the last minute slower due to fatigue while breathing in and out 9 times.  This meditative type breathing technique makes this exercise extremely difficult/torturous to do spiritually.

1/25/17 I deepened the squat to these modified(bent elbows and behind head) 2 handed dumbbell swings so that they would take a little longer so that I could breath in and 15 times during the whole 6 minutes.  I need a huge amount of spiritual intensity to reach a world that is so backward spiritually and so stuck in its ways!

2/2/17  Added a 3/4 of mile run to my daily routine after over a year off from running.

3/5/17 I am now doing this exercise only 3 days a week and running 3/4 of a mile intensely 3 days a week on days I am not doing the dumbbell swings.  Started running after a year off on 2/2/17 and did it for 31 straight days to get in running shape as soon as possible!

3/16/17 Decided to go back to doing both the intense dumbbell swings exercise and the intense 3/4 of a mile run every day!

  • 5/19/17  Now doing the squat a lot deeper bringing the 20 lb dumbbell close to my knees with my head also brought down at the lower part of the swing to be very close to the dumbbell also with my elbows very bent while at this lowest position.  My head does follow the dumbbells up as it rises and then is lifted over the head and behind it.  I may seem like quite a convoluted form of dumbbell swing, but it works well to put me into the most intense of spiritual states possible!  I now do 17 in and out breaths per dumbbell swing.  Extremely hard exercise to do which I can only do as a result of all my previous exercise training, my spiritual theories(astrology system) that help me tune my body in really well  spiritually, my other meditative training techniques, and my diet!
  • 6/3/17  New exercise routine: 6 min 20 lb Dumbbell swings= Mo, We,&Fr. 3/4 of a mile run=Tu, Th, Sa, &Su. Should maintain fitness and continue to improve my running!
  • 10/16/17  Taking one day on the weekend off, so meditative running(breathing in and out with each step) only 3 day a week!  Now breathing in and out 21 times per dumbbell swing!
  • 6/9/18  Replaced this dumbbell swing exercise with this new exercise due to damaging my right arm and dislocating its shoulder the night before Easter(APR 1, 2018).  Up to 3 minutes of this nonstop with 16 breaths in and out per individual exercise movement!  Here is a link demonstrating it created when I first started doing it:

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