Is there such a thing as a better spiritual belief?

Yes, what one believes to be true about the spiritual can be improved on. Good training can tune you into the spiritual a lot better. And as one tunes into the spiritual better one can improve on ones spiritual beliefs so they interface better spiritually with the concrete challenging physical reality we exist in. So many spiritual beliefs tune people out from being effective in this challenging environment we are now in. As one increases the difficulty of the tough spiritual-physical training one does, or as one takes on more difficult spiritual(emotionally tough)challenges in life, one will require spiritual beliefs that are good enough to help one handle them. So many spiritual beliefs do not help one embrace the tough side of life spiritually, but seek a sort of escapism from it. The beliefs in perfect spiritual sources or connections makes one not open enough to improving what one believes. No one has perfect intuition especially in this world as is obvious by how people behave when on autopilot. Gut feeling are often wrong and the heart often misguides people with disastrous results. So many really naive(overly simplistic) beliefs are readily accepted often without much thought. Often people represent and sort of impose their spiritual beliefs on other on their internet posts without thinking they are!

Believing there is no such thing as a better spiritual belief, is a belief that I believe can be replaced with a better belief!

In my life I learned the hard way how important it is to have spiritual beliefs that help one to interface well with this challenging physical reality we all exist in that can really test how well our spiritual beliefs help us function spiritually when we are under a lot of pressure.

A lot of wild spiritual beliefs can come from a persons imagination which do not help them to connect very well spiritually with day to day reality in this physical world they exist in. A lot of religious and spiritual beliefs that are popular(and have a lot of psychic support in this world due to all those who believe in them)that can be readily be found on sites on the internet, tend to motivate people to seek to ultimately escape from the physical reality we are now in, rather than puting all of their spiritual energy they are able into doing the really difficult spiritual work required to positively transform it.

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