This physical reality of the type that exists on this Earth I believe is spiritually inescapable.

This is how I responded to a forum post at a spiritual site titled “The Earth is too negative” in which some one posted the popular belief that we should focus on escaping the cycle of reincarnation:

I believe reincarnation is a vital part of our reality. I do not see any need to attempt to escape from it. I believe the spirit requires a body in a challenging physical world in order to function at its best. I feel too many spiritual beliefs systems devalue(through the types of beliefs they accept) the importance of a challenging physical world(like the Earth)is to individual spirits like us. So I tailor my spiritual beliefs to make the physical(including having a link to an organic functioning body with function brain and spiritual center in it) indispensable to the spirit. I make sure I have no part of my being desiring anything other than existing and performing well spiritually in a challenging physical world which the Earth is the one I currently am on/in. I believe that the spiritual beliefs that are better at helping us focus and perform spiritually in this challenging physical world we exist right now will be the one closest to the truth.

I do extremely intense and difficult meditative and cardiovascular physical/spiritual exercises that put me in and train me to be able to handle the roughest physical/spiritual states(a sort of spiritual crisis training) that are possible for me. Since I have been focusing on increasing the strength of my spiritual-physical connection though this type of training for a very long time, I am very strong spiritually in connecting with and dealing with this physical reality I exist in right now. My spiritual focus is on improving on the spiritual beliefs and training techniques that exist on this Earth not agreeing with them. I have to have spiritual beliefs/programming that enables me to handle the really heavy doses of reality my training and the conditions that exist in this challenging physical world I exist in provide. As my training has improved and I have gotten better at it, my spiritual beliefs had to also improve so that I had the right mindset required to be motivated to do them and handle them. One can deal with an awful lot if one has spiritual beliefs that are good enough to motivate one to put up with the intense discomfort and difficulty that comes with really challenging spiritual-physical type training. One can train oneself spiritually to be a lot better able to handle and take on in a positive way the huge spiritual challenges that exist on this planet.

I realize that having a spiritual belief system that is constantly being updated with a focus on improving on the spiritual beliefs now existing, dominating and spiritually impacting this planet will not “resonate” well with those who are attached in a sort of unquestioning acceptance of some of those prevalent spiritual beliefs systems which often have popular websites one can visit on the internet in order to have ones spiritual beliefs supported and reinforced. I am a spiritual independent free to find/develop the best spiritual beliefs I am able without being held back by some “perfect” autocratic type spiritual ideology that is blindly accepted in a world where perfect spiritual sources/connections are believed to exist.

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