One can feel better about oneself and stay in a better mood

What is most important is to work hard at contributing in a positive way to this world what abilities you find enable you to so. One can get joy from knowing you are contributing to making this world a better place. Working hard to be on a good healthy diet, doing intense meditative and cardiovascular exercises(safely), working to develop ones spiritual beliefs so that they better help one embrace and interface with the physical reality one exists in will all be helpful. The problems that one will face in this world and the spiritual energy that comes with it can be very challenging. One needs to constantly work at becoming better at handling the challenges of life and the challenging emotions that come with them. Life can be a spiritual battle that takes a constant effort to keep in the right mood to handle it. One can with effort do a lot to improve ones physical and spiritual well being, provided one puts in the required work. Those who face the biggest spiritual challenges well will achieve a lot of real value in this world.

Here is a helpful blog post on meditation and mind-body exercises:

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  1. Thomas, Namaste! Good reading and thank you..

  2. You are most welcome enchantment! Namaste 🙂


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