I have worked hard to developed a better spiritual belief system

I am not on a spiritual journey(or path) just traveling through this world, I am just focusing on trying to better contribute what I have spiritually to offer to making this physical world I exist in now a better place. I am “differently abled’ with very strong capabilities in the spiritual area. I have a body that is “differently abled” because my spirit requires such a body to do what it does best. I try to work extremely hard to excel in the spiritual area, similar to other spirits with bodies who work hard to excel in other important fields vital to our spiritual and physical existence in the present here.

I do not have a spiritual beliefs system that devalues the importance of the physical reality we exist in and do not believe an individual type spirit can survive and function well without a body in physical world. My belief system is tailored so as to help people be the most effective at helping to improve the spiritual and physical conditions that exist here on this Earth. Our ability to perform well spiritually in the physical reality we exist in demonstrates how advanced we are spiritually. We are responsible for the spiritual state this world is in and can become a lot better at making a positive spiritual difference here.

Collective spirits owe their existence to the power of the beliefs of individual spirits with bodies that enable them to produce the spiritual energy to support such spirits. A physical world is challenging, but a spirit can only prove its capabilities by what challenges it is able to handle. With out the physical/concrete and its challenges, the individual spirit would not have the reason or strength to even exist. God exists out of our need for this physical world and maintains it so that it can best meet our spiritual needs. We need God, so we must support God’s existence in order to maintain our own existence.

I have a complete spiritual beliefs system which is different than those that are readily available(on internet)circulating in this world. I have worked extremely hard to improve my spiritual beliefs and by so doing made them different than those people are really familiar with. Often the familiar resonates with people or feels good to them intuitively. It takes work to have to learn a new` spiritual system because it will be different in a complete way, since spiritual systems must deal with a complete spiritual picture. People have to be really motivated to want to improve their spiritual beliefs system in order to leave the familiar and easy to absorb, and learn something unfamiliar, but better, even though they will find it well worth the effort and the results they get from it.

One can read some of my other blog posts in order to better figure out more about my spiritual belief system.

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