We live in a time in which great spiritual innovation can happen.

Great innovation often happens in fields that have been resistant to progress for quite some time. In the spiritual/religious field, resistance to progress tend to readily happen, since beliefs run deep and can be deeply implanted and can be very resistant to better spiritual beliefs that are more rational and effective in the challenging world we presently exist in and perform in spiritually. I know from personal experience, since I have faced some really intense challenges in my life, that under intense crisis conditions one needs rational spiritual beliefs to keep one sane and functioning well spiritually. That irrational spiritual beliefs tend not to serve one well in a crisis. Since I use a type of spiritual crisis training as part of my daily routine, I am in good position to make sure my beliefs are rational enough to handle the roughest of conditions I could face spiritually in this challenging world.

Due to comments when I posted this elsewhere I added this to this blog:

We connect with God(the universal spirit) to the degree we connect spiritually with the physical reality we exist in. Good spiritual training helps us as individuals increase our connection with reality. When we lose our connection with reality as a result of losing our connection with our self, we no longer will have a good connection with God. But, we can become readily controlled by certain spiritual ideologies that have a lot of psychic support presently in this world, when we do something that causes us to lose our self awareness. A lot of spiritual beliefs systems sort of brainwash people into their ideology. Spiritual innovation can not happen unless people keep their awareness of who they are as independent spirits and do not allow the current not that adequate spiritual energies and the beliefs that support them, that dominate this Earth right now control them. People can connect with energies that are projected psychically by believers to represent God in a way that is not good enough for the challenges of the reality we now exist in.

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