You can improve your spiritual radar(intuition)so that it will better guide one’s life’s decisions

One can train oneself spiritually in a way to improve ones spiritual radar(intuition). We all need to work at improving our spiritual programming/beliefs in order to help our intuition better guide us. The fact that so many people make really poor decisions when the act instinctively or while following their heart(or gut feelings)is reflected in the really bad shape this world is in spiritually. One true spiritual state comes out when one acts in a more automatic way. People judge others all the time based on their intuition(gut feeling)or what they feel in their heart. From my experience in how people tend to judge me, they are often way off in these intuitive/automatic judgments the make. We are guided on the intuitive level a lot more than we are consciously aware of and often not leading us to very great results as individuals or collectively in this world. I have developed a certain degree of trust in my intuition as a result of all the spiritual training I do and work I do to improve my spiritual beliefs so they better interface with the physical reality we exist together in that can really challenge us spiritually and demonstrate how effective our spiritual guidance system is. There is actually a part of the brain that deal with the spiritual and intuition that can be further developed and better connected with other parts of the brain so that it can help one whole brain be able to function with more intuitive support. What resonates with us is determined by our intuition. We need to have intuition trained/developed in such a way so that better spiritual beliefs will resonate with us. Our ability to connect(tune in) more strongly on the spiritual level helps us better figure out what spiritual beliefs best represent how the spiritual functions.

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