Love requires understanding to function well. I had a lot of love directed at me without understanding.

Love is so often used in unknowingly in an abusive way. Love needs to be guided by spiritual beliefs that increase ones ability to understand others. I have spent a lifetime improving my spiritual beliefs so as to be better able to understand myself and others. Being very “differently abled” with really strong talent in the spiritual, people who do not see the value of spiritual expertise are not going to come any where near understanding me. They will abuse me by discounting what value I have in this world. I focus on one area to an extremely intense degree due to my limitation in other areas, I do not fit into the job market and am forced to live off the charity of relatives that do not understand me, and I now do not even qualify for social security retirement. The only thing that has kept me living in this world is my focus in the area that I am so very capable. My spiritual crisis training techniques/exercises techniques and the spiritual beliefs that evolves with them enabled me to survive. I would not have had a strong enough purpose to develop what I did spiritually if it was only for myself. The world is very messed up spiritually and to some one personally very aware of that fact this can be very motivating to try to do something about it. The world badly needs better spiritual beliefs circulating here.

People who feel I should not share my spiritual expertise with others are not my friends, since they are not friendly to my life’s work, purpose and value. I am not suicidal and do not need people who would steal my reason for living as my friends.

Love energy without enough understanding can be very destructive. Love energy invested in negative causes can create a lot of serious problems in this world. ALL EMOTIONS CAN BE DIRECTED IN A NEGATIVE DIRECTION AND CREATE HARM IN THIS WORLD. We all needs to work really hard to improve our spiritual beliefs and training, so that we can direct all the spectrum of emotions that are part of life toward making this world a better place to exist in. One can not just define an emotion as positive and it will always be positive. Or define another emotion as negative and it will always be negative. A lot of the destructive tribal energy that exists in this world is held together by love energy. A lot of the harmful addictions are the result of misdirected love energy. A lot of the addictions to certain spiritual and political ideologies are the result of misdirected love energy. Love energy misdirected can lead to abusive relationships. Often heartache can result when love invested poorly ends.

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