Individual spiritual “path” or following a spiritual herd and popular websites!

People often use the term “path” as though they are moving on a very independent spiritual course. But often these people are really following a herd of people who are guided by popular websites that have a label for the spiritual ideology that they follow. They may not think of it as an ideology, but these web sites sure sound like they present an ideology. I have spiritual beliefs that can only be found through reading what I myself have presented on the internet. I have a very “challenging physical world” focused type of spirituality intended to help everyone improve on their spiritual beliefs and training so they can better face spiritually the huge challenges that only a physical world can present one with and be capable of bringing out the most in one spiritually. I would not mind having a “herd” following me, but in a way that is not done blindly without questioning and experimentation as to how well ones spiritual beliefs actually help one to better perform spiritually. People with spiritual expertise like me need people to utilize what I have to offer in a way that works well for them as unique individual spirits.

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