The spirit does well to be programmed spiritually in a way that makes it really value the importance of the physical.

I am very much into programming the spirit with better spiritual beliefs so that it can handle this challenging physical reality better. I do not believe that our(individual type)spirits are perfect. I believe what we do to improve ourselves spiritually will carry over to our next life as it does in our future in this life. I believe we only can reincarnate in to a body that we are comfortable with based on the type of body and mind we had in our previous life.


I believe that our spirit always requires a body of some type to exist and can not exist without one. That after death it may maintain its existence when searching for a new body by utilizing the body of a loved one or kindred spirit as a temporary safe haven. The spirit whose body one uses as a safe haven may feel your presence, but will should maintain control of their body and mind, since they have had many years developing that control.


Why do I tend to develop such spiritual beliefs. Because I have found that I needed to tailor my beliefs in such a way that the physical reality we exist in with the body that connects us with becomes extremely important to the spirit. If the individual type spirit can exist at any time without a connection to a body with a mind that matches closely to their needs, then that diminishes the value of the physical in the scheme of things. We need more of a spiritual focus on the physical world we exist in and I make sure all my beliefs enable us to better focus our spiritual attention there.


My astrology system is based on the spirit entering the body shortly after birth. Collective type spirits that exist without bodies I believe are projections of believers, dependent on believers for their existence and the spiritual ideas and energies they represent.

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