Hard spiritual work required to face the hard times ahead on this planet!

I did a one mile meditative walk using my latest technique focusing on the really harsh energies that dominate this Earth and hold it back from advancing spiritually. The spiritual beliefs that dominate this planet psychically due to the number of believers in them are often thought to be perfect spiritually by a lot of people. They are often channeled by mediums and represented as from a perfect source. But, the hard truth is there is no perfect source of spiritual information on this planet, and the sources that are readily available are not very good for effectively handling the serious problems of the times we now live in. God can not be a perfect source spiritually for us, because, our connection to God is not perfect and can not be perfect. We connect to God through connecting spiritually to the physical reality that God maintains for our benefit.


It takes really hard work spiritual to connect really strongly spiritually with the physical reality our spirit exists in. But, those that are really strong spiritually develop the capability to handle really hard work. Really good spiritual training requires very difficult meditative and cardiovascular(heart training) exercises along with a very strict healthy diet, so as to give one the spiritual strength needed to handle the strong physical-spiritual challenges this world has so many of. In this permissive society we live in often people do not like the idea of doing really hard spiritual training over a long period of time.


People are often attracted to spiritual ideologies that claim hard spiritual work is not required. Fantasy type beliefs(so easily found and tuned into psychically on this planet) that do not interface with our reality very well, can have an appeal(an addictive properties) similar to a recreational drug, but they will over the long run have consequences that are similar to intoxicating drugs to quite a degree In times when we were less technologically advanced and the consequences of our actions where not as severe as in this nuclear age we now live in, people could survive with not the best spiritual beliefs or conditions. But as we advance technologically we will have to develop the spiritual maturity to handle this technology really well. Being like a child in our spiritual beliefs will not be good enough in the very challenging times to come. Spirits that remain child-like may be forced to move to a less advanced planet where a higher level of spiritual maturity is not required. We all will face the consequences of our actions when it comes to our spiritual development

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