A statement about my extremely strong independent spiritual focus and expertise

I am a spiritual independent who is free to find/develop the best spiritual beliefs and training techniques possible. I do not believe the spiritual beliefs of the past which dominate this planet are at all adequate to cope with the challenges this highly technologically advance planet is going to face along with the people on it. I attribute the really messed up spiritual state of this planet to the messed up spiritual beliefs that exist here. I am very serious and work extremely hard in the spiritual area as those my existence depends on it, which it does(being differently abled in the way I am)), because that is the type of spirit I am. I am very hard to understand spiritually, and require really good spiritual beliefs to understand me. I have had to really work extremely hard to improve on the spiritual beliefs and training techniques of the past in order to understand myself and by so doing be able to understand others spiritually and how the spiritual works at a lot more advanced level when compared to the spiritual beliefs circulating on this planet psychically and through communication on this planet. I do not mind if my belief in myself and my life’s work scare people off. I just need to connect with those who are willing to make the effort to explore the real value of what I have to offer. I take the spiritual extremely seriously and am not playing games. Reading my previous blog posts can give those who are capable a better understanding of me.

I feel it takes extremely HARD WORK over a long period of time to develop real expertise in the spiritual area. Someone who is really capable spiritually should be able to spiritually handle really challenging hard work. Because I do not fit into a planet that is so backward in the spiritual area, people often believe the reason I do not fit in is because I do not work hard enough. So I have made the effort over my lifetime(63 years old now)to work harder than anyone else in the area I am capable. I will still get comments by those that are not capable of understanding me due their inadequate spiritual beliefs, that I do not work hard enough. I can project emotions as powerful as the spiritual work I do. So I am capable of sending(through direct communication) emotions their way that represent the intense degree of work I do as represented in my daily spiritual training routine. Direct face to face communication works better than others forms, since it is not that easy to ignore someone as it is with the written word.

Reading my other blog posts can help one to better understand the training required to develop expertise in the spiritual area. We need experts in many different fields in order for this world to function well. It takes really hard work to become one. We have too many people who think they are experts at something, but really do not do the required work and study to qualify. As we become more advanced in the spiritual field on this planet, we will be able to advance a lot further in our expertise in every other field important to our well being on this planet.

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