We all will judge and be judged!

Everyone judges others and judges as to what is important to them and what to avoid. A lot of judging is done on the intuitive level without much in the way of thought. Our survival and well being requires we make good judgments whether they are done on the intuitive level and strongly affected by ones guiding spiritual beliefs, or they are done with a lot of careful evaluation and thought. When we intuitively judge someone or something to be important to us in some way, we will light up and direct energy toward that someone or thing. People will claim they do not judge or that people should not judge, but it is not possible not to make important judgments in order to function well in this challenging world in which ones judgement will determines how well one takes advantage of opportunities, and avoids dangers or wasting ones valuable time. To judge some one as too judgmental is a judgment. People who are differently able or are very unique tend often to be judged negatively in a world in which conformity tends to dominate. And if one tends to be really challenging to the spiritual beliefs that have a good deal of support in certain spiritual circles people will often judge you in not a very positive way as to ones spiritual awareness. One can not improve on spiritual beliefs without making judgments as to their practical/useful value. Some people will not like one to even make the judgment that the best spiritual beliefs are the ones that are the most useful for helping one to perform really well(and contribute positively)in this challenging physical world we exist in.

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