The different types of spirits

I was thinking about this when doing my really intense and difficult meditative run. I do stay quiet and concentrate really hard during a good portion of my meditative run, but I can not keep my mind quiet the whole time. Spiritual beliefs that I need to further improve on will tend to come to the surface when in the intense spiritual state the meditative run puts me in.

I will start with us, the individual spirits who play a specific unique spiritual roles in a specific locations in our vast universe. Individual spirits are the prime spiritual activists in the universe and can have a very strong spiritual impact on the part of the world they are able to influence. They must do the inner work required to build up their spiritual strength and awareness in order to improve the type of spiritual influence they have over their immediate environment and on those other spirits/people they interact with. Individual spirits can only be really effective at having a positive and healing impact on the challenging physical world that they are part of, if they themselves are really healthy physically and spiritually. One can not handle the stress of taking on a heavy spiritual workload if ones body is not really healthy. Spiritual strength comes from overcoming the resistance that only a challenging physical world can provide. One can develop ones spiritual strength and awareness by: 1. Training to be able to really intense meditative exercises(which can include meditation in all sorts of positions, slow meditative walking, slow meditative running, and meditative stretching or other slow movement exercises). Really good meditative and physical exercises should help one to handle really intense emotions of all kinds which is important because emotions power the spiritual and one needs to learn to handle all of the spectrum of emotions really well so that one can direct their energy in a positive direction. 2. Working hard at maintaining a really healthy diet designed to work really well for you with what ever nutritional supplements one finds helps. Frequent small meals and keeping one in a challenging healthy hunger range will tend to sharpen up ones spiritual energy and keep it serious. It is a really fine line between being really healthy physically and spiritually and overdoing it and harming oneself. 3. and do the really deep spiritual thinking required to find/develop better spiritual beliefs. It is hard to improve on the spiritual beliefs that already have quite a bit of influence in this world. Newer beliefs have less psychic support in this world so need to be a lot better than those that came before them. Intense and difficult meditative and physical training will sort of force one to have to improve on ones spiritual beliefs so that one can better handle the challenging spiritual/physical state they put one in.  Individual spirits always need a physical connection to the world that only a brain properly trained spiritually can provide, so between lives they must connect to kindred spirits incarnated in a physical world with a brain functioning spiritually on the level they are on in order to maintain their existence until they reincarnate again.

Next, there are the collective spirits, that come into existence and are maintained by the power of belief of the individual spirits that believe strongly in them. Every beliefs system in this world will create/maintain a collective spirit or spirits. Collective spirits that support belief systems may come in may forms/images/personalities.   The spiritual images these collective spirits appear as or support can appear as a visible image at times to the point a picture can actually be taken of them, but they still are spiritual, not physical in nature.  People can often misread things that are spiritual manifestations as physical manifestations and take on  delusional beliefs as a result.  Sometimes a beliefs system may not have a real image representing the collective spirit they have supporting them and may not even think one exists, but that does not matter, since strong beliefs automatically produce collective spirits. Science does tend to create a collective spirit representing its present beliefs. Some collective spirits are used as intermediaries to try to get a better connection with God(the universal spirit). Hypnotism will tend to connect the hypnotist and his client to the collective spirit that represents the beliefs that support their type of hypnotism and will impel the results they desire. The imagination will often do a really good job of doing what it takes to support a particular belief with the help of this collective spirit. Both channeling and hypnotism are very similar and both rely on the collective spirit that support the beliefs required for them to please those they serve. Collective spirits are only as good as the spiritual beliefs that maintain their existence and only function through individuals as well as the spiritual state of that individual allows. Both hypnotism and channeling are not perfect, and will tend to resonate only with those who support the beliefs of the collective spirit that helps to power their results. Hypnotism has been shown to create false memories and has been used to see future lives which is not possible since they have not happened yet. The future is open to being changed for the better spiritually through our actions, which is what gives us our spiritual purpose.

Then there is the universal spirit(God). Our physical/spiritual reality requires a spirit that makes it tun mechanically in a way that it can provide a good enough habitat for individual spirits like us to be able to function really well spiritually. When a spirit is needed it will exist out of this need and its existence will be supported by those who require it. Our reality could not function well with out a God that enables this functioning. Some people think that individual spirits like us are God. But, we may function with the mechanics of our reality, and we may become quite good at it, but we will never be able to perform the immense spiritual role God performs. We are limited spiritually by the specific location that we are strongly attached to by means of the body we are incarnated in. Our abilities as individual spirits are not as universal as God, but are very unique and specific to our individual role we have. No one person(individual spirit)can see the whole picture spiritually well enough to become God, because of our need to see the specific individual picture that helps us perform our specific role in the specific area we are located and in the specific area of expertise our existence in a physical world and time demands from us. As we train really hard spiritually-physically and increase our ability to handle a heavier dose of reality and the intense emotions that come with it, we will be able to develop a stronger connection with God.

In astrology, the Moon represents the inner individual spirit, Neptune represents the outer individual group spirit, and the Galactic Center(universal spirit) represents God.

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