All of the spectrum of Emotions can be positive when properly directed spiritually

People have a tendency to see certain emotions as only positive while seeing others as only negative. But, actually all emotions have a reason for existing and can be positive/healthy or negative/harmful depending on how good one is able to handle them and direct them.

Love is the emotion that seems to be often seen as only positive. But, love without understanding does not work that well at bring positive results in the world. It is the results that come from being motivated by an emotion that really count. Often the emotion of love is channeled in to all kinds of harmful addictions. Often relationships can be addictive and harmful. Sexual addiction can lead to all kinds of problems. Drug and food addictions are related to misdirected love. People often get addicted to their spiritual/religious beliefs/ideology and to the group/tribe associated with their beliefs. So many problems in this world are related to the sort of addictive tribal energy people become overly attached to. People who are strongly addicted to their spiritual beliefs are going to be very resistant to improving on them so that they can become more effective at directing their love energy to making positive things happen in their life and the world they influence/affect. A person may not always seem/appear to be very loving even though they may actually be doing a lot to help others and in helping make this world a better place. Some people do send out a lot of effective healing energy to others and to the world. If one is doing a lot spiritually to improve the conditions in the world around you and to help those close to you to lead better lives, then one would be using ones love energy in a really positive and effective way.

Anger is an emotion that is often really maligned by some spiritual ideologies. But a lot of the great causes that have made a really positive difference in this world have come as a result of the anger some people have felt about things that they felt were not right with this world. Often when someone or someone they know becomes a victim of an accident or crime or injustice, they will become quite angry and direct that anger toward mobilizing support to change the conditions that lead to the tragic results. A lot of things in this world are worth getting angry about. The main thing is to be able to handle the anger well, and utilize it to make the effort to improve the serious problems that exist on this planet. It is true that so often people are unable to handle anger well and they do things that are destructive to themselves and others. Some people just do not perform well when angry, but people who are able to handle anger well actually can perform better when angry. Some athletes, for example, perform at their best when angry.

Fear is also often maligned by certain spiritual ideologies. But, we live in a dangerous world where it is easy to get in serious trouble if one is not careful and does not fear making costly mistakes or fear certain dangers. People who work in Nuclear Power plants or involved in occupations that mistakes can cause serious injuries or cost lives need to use fear of harmful consequences to make them more vigilant. Fear of failing some test or not reaching a goal can motivate one to try to be really thorough when it comes to doing everything that it takes to past that test and meet that goal. Even if one fails at something it is so important that you know you gave it all you had. Trying to do ones best is what counts spiritually. One need to be aware of the dangers that exist in this world and actually fear them, so that one will be able to formulate some kind of plan on what to do if one is faced with a danger. One can not plan for every danger, but it is the awareness of possible danger than help one to intuitively sense approaching danger so that one can best avoid it. Feeling fear related to something can be ones intuition warning you to be extra careful or the need to change course or plans so as to avoid a dangerous/unsafe situation.

I will not cover every emotion, since you should be getting a sense for how emotions can be directed in a way to bring positive results in this world. The spiritual is very much powered by emotions. Good spiritual training requires one become really good at handling intense and difficult emotions so one can direct them toward positive results in this world. If one is really good at doing really intense meditative exercises, one will be good at channeling in on the emotions one is sensing related to the various things happening in your life or the lives of people you are close to and having a positive impact on them as one processes them spiritually. As one dissipates the discomfort an emotion is producing using intense meditation/meditative exercise and makes one more comfortable with the emotion, one will at the same time be having a positive impact on the source or cause of the emotion. One may still need to take some action related to a situation that has a certain emotion associated with it, but after meditating on the emotion one should be able to handle the situation in a lot more effective and positive way. I often feel anxiety before a meeting or social event, but find if I meditate shortly before the event/meeting I will be better able to handle the situation. The anxiety help me to mobilize the energy I need to better handle a situation that could be quite challenging to me.

One can not relate really effectively spiritually with a person who is powerfully affected by a particular emotion, unless one can handle that particular emotion well oneself. Understanding people really well requires one understand and handle emotions of all kind really well.

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  1. There are things that happen in this world a person should be angry about. Anger, like any of the spectrum of emotions that are part of life has a positive side as well as a negative side. Anger often fuels great social movements or causes that bring about a lot of positive change in this world. Strong spiritual character can handle anger well and direct it in a positive direction. Forgiveness toward other human beings is important, but one should still want to do what it takes to ensure others are not victimized by the bad/abusive behavior of others when one can! It is important to try to improve ones own behavior and help others to do the same!


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