The individual spirit does not contain a perfect spiritual source within.

I strongly disagree with the spiritual belief that tends to be quite dominant in some spiritual circles that a perfect spiritual source is available within oneself spiritually that can be tapped so as to magically come up with the spiritual truth or used to help one reach a part of oneself that is already extremely advanced spiritually. Some people automatically believe that they have within themselves a “higher self”, or “divine self”. People will often believe their heart or intuition can not lead them in the wrong direction. That somehow they automatically have within them perfect spiritual radar that will only direct them in the best direction for them spiritually. But, anyone that has a realistic spiritual connection with this physical reality we exist in will find that people’s intuition can often is quite wrong and their heart can often lead them into harmful circumstance and relationships.


I do not feel that we have a lot of people who are that effective spiritually on the planet Earth, and that this results in spiritual/physical conditions existing here that are far from ideal. We have so many serious problems in this world that are rooted very strongly in the spiritual inadequacies of the spirits incarnated here. The news is full of examples of human beings acting really badly spiritually. As a planet advances in its technology, it needs its inhabitants to also advance further spiritually, in order to handle the impact of this technology and direct it in a positive way, so as to make life on this planet even better/healthier. In more primitive/simple times, less spiritual maturity/competence was required in order to handle the issues that they faced.


It is hard to improve on the spiritual beliefs originating in the past that dominate this planet, if people feel no need to improve on their spiritual beliefs/programming. If one believes that a perfect spiritual self is already within oneself, why would one be motivated to improve on ones spiritual beliefs/programming? Why would one do the hard spiritual training, deep spiritual thinking, and experimentation(trial and error) required to improve ones spiritual beliefs so as to improve the spiritual state/shape one is in.


A lot of people in this world are attracted to spiritual permissiveness and instant gratification. They are not much interested in developing higher spiritual standards with all the time and work required in order to acquire these standards and the dealing with the heavier responsibilities that come with them. It is so much easier to believe that all beliefs are okay for those who believe in them. One can not have high spiritual standards, if one tolerates low spiritual standards and the spiritual beliefs that create them.


It is not easy to improve the spiritual state one is in, so as improve how one is able to function in this world. Ones intuition(spiritual radar)can be improved as one develops a better understanding of how the spiritual works and reprograms ones spirit and subconscious mind with spiritual beliefs more in tune spiritually with reality. This physical reality that God(the universal spirit)provides us with can work very much to our benefit, provided we make the effort to gain a stronger spiritual connection to it. The physical provides resistance and challenges us. Only a physical world can really test how well our spiritual beliefs will hold up and help us perform when really tested. Really good spiritual belief will help one to tune into this physical world really well spiritually, and will help us develop a lot stronger physical-spiritual connection.


It takes a lot of spiritual discipline/character to advance further spiritually. It is hard work to do the deep spiritual thinking required in order to be able to acquire/develop more advanced spiritual beliefs that will be more effective in helping one hang in there spiritually, and deal with the really tough challenges of our times. So many of the popular spiritual beliefs diminish the importance of this physical reality to our spirit and believe the spirit can escape from it temporarily or permanently in the future. A lot of spiritual beliefs have a drug like effect that makes one feel good by helping one disconnect from this physical reality we exist in and the heavy responsibilities that come with it. One does not get healthier from escaping from this reality, one gets healthier though conditioning oneself physically and spiritually to be able to handle any challenges that it can provide. Trying to escape from this world spiritually will make one weaker not stronger spiritually. One will feel better when one is healthier physically and spiritually and able to handle a lot, and able to contribute what ones has to offer to this world. One will feel really good about oneself as a result of helping to make this world a better place.


Part of ones spiritual beliefs need to include the importance of the type of spiritual training that improves ones physical-spiritual connection and so as to be able to handle a heavier dose of reality. Meditative exercises, such as meditative walking and running can be done is such a way that they are very difficult to do both physically and spiritually(emotionally). I have a blog on meditative walking and running on this site. Cardiovascular exercise can help one to gain the physical health required to be able to handle the stress that taking on a lot spiritually can create on the physical body. Stretching and some weightlifting can help one to exercise really hard with less injuries. One can not push oneself really hard physically and spiritually if one does not have a diet(with nutritional supplements)that is good enough to help one do them. Losing excess weigh can help one to get healthier physically and spiritually. Being hungry some of the time help one to become sharper spiritually. One can learn to handle a safe range of hunger so that one will get tougher and sharper spiritually. Being overly indulgent is not healthy for you both physically and spiritually. If one is strong and aware spiritually one should be able to have a positive spiritual impact on ones physical body and the physical world one exists in.

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