The extremely important body-spirit and physical-spiritual connection

Some people love to believe that the spirit can function without a connection to a body and a functioning brain. Often people like to have spiritual beliefs that devalue the importance of using ones mind/brain to develop more rational and practical spiritual beliefs. I believe the more one gives importance to our connection to the physical world that God(the universal spirit) maintains for our benefit, the more one will be able to connect to reality and what is true spiritually. I believe the spirit can not exist without its connection to a physical body and that physical bodies are always available in order  for the spirit to maintain its continuous existence.  Collective spirits are maintained by the spiritual energy and beliefs of believers with individual spirits incarnated in bodies.


I do the really difficult spiritual-physical training required to gain a really strong physical-spiritual connection and a greater spiritual oneness with reality that comes with this.  I stand by my really hard, rational/practical spiritual work I have done in this area. The predominating spiritual beliefs on this planet are the reason it is so messed up spiritually. People need to use their mind/brain more to figure out rationally what spiritual belief are likely to work better in the physical reality we are now in and to test them out using trial and error to see how well they work at helping one more effectively focus on and handle the challenges this world offers us so many of.

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