We need practical spiritual beliefs that really work in this challenging physical reality

This is a blog post that covers the same basis subject of previous ones.  One can skim through the parts that sound really familiar.  This post was motivated by people who believe that aliens are strongly influencing spiritually  what is happening on this planet.

The power of belief can create all sorts of spiritual beings/forces. These spiritual forces/beings can be as wild as the beliefs they are supported by and that they in turn help support. Ones beliefs will actually bring things to life on the spiritual level. That is why one has to be careful what spiritual beliefs one invests ones spiritual energy into. I do not feed into the belief that this planet is strongly affected by spiritual beings or aliens coming from far away. I believe this spiritual belief does not help us focus enough of our spiritual energy on doing what it takes spiritually to improve the messed up conditions that exist here on this planet.


When one feeds into a spiritual beliefs that is not aligned with reality enough, it will not be able to help one be able to get very good results from them. Delusional beliefs of all kinds do circulate on this planet and certain individuals tend to be vulnerable to their appeal. Often people with schizophrenia believe that aliens are controlling their lives. One can google “schizophrenia aliens” and find a lot of articles on this.


We do have though spirits that come from previous lives on other planets and incarnate here, but they must first become biologically part of this planet. The responsibility for what happens spiritually on this planet lies squarely on the spiritual shoulders of those who are born here. We have to do the thinking on our own to come up with ways to improve our spiritual beliefs and techniques/practices. We must go through the trial and error process that come with trying to figure out what works the best spiritually. It is up to us, not some beings from some other dimension or location.


I do not believe hypnotism or channeling are that reliable most of the time as spiritual sources. I believe that people can only draw spiritual information to themselves that their spiritual state is ready for based on what spiritual beliefs/programming they now have. Also, I belief any spiritual beliefs that one some how are made aware of, or comes ones way, need to be tested as to how well they really work in this very challenging spiritual reality we exist in. I have done a lot of work developing better spiritual ideas and techniques and have an astrology systems that I developed as a result. When ever I felt my astrology system was not working well enough for me, I would have to try out all kinds of logical alternatives and figure out a better way for it to work and find better spiritual beliefs to base it on.


I do test all my spiritual beliefs as to how well they help me to handle extremely rough spiritual states that I put myself through. I demand a lot out of myself spiritually and have to have spiritual beliefs that can handle the heavy demand I put on them. One of my most important spiritual beliefs is that the best spiritual beliefs will work really well for everyone. That we live spiritually in the same reality which works a certain way with a great degree of oneness in how it functions.

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