The power of belief

Our spiritual beliefs have a powerful affect on the type of spiritual energy we create individually and collectively on this planet. The spiritual energy that believers generate can maintain certain collective spirits that help support the beliefs of these believers. Once a belief has a lot of believers in them on this planet, there will be a lot of psychic support for these beliefs. Then it becomes a lot easier to draw new believer in that are enticed by these beliefs. A lot of spiritual beliefs are not that practical or useful for helping people get a better connection with the physical reality we exist in, so as to help one to better contribute to making this world a better place. Just like we have drugs that help people escape from reality and help make them feel better, there are spiritual beliefs that tend to be escapist in nature, but can feel good to believe in. Often people like to disconnect from the burdens life places on them to quite a degree and will search for beliefs that help them do this.


Luckily, some people do not mine taking on big spiritual challenges and the responsibilities/burdens that come with them and are attracted to spiritual beliefs that help give them a stronger connection to reality so that they can better contribute to making this physical world they share with others a better place to exist in. We need to have the type of spiritual beliefs with the energy they produce that will not only help us individually get a lot healthier and aware spiritually and a better grip on reality, but that will do the same collectively for our whole planet. It takes an effort to connect with the healthiest spiritual energies that exist on this planet. A lot of the spiritual beliefs that exist on this planet actually contribute to the messed up spiritual state this planet is in, rather than contributing to straightening things out. We have so many serious problems that exist in this world that we will need spiritual beliefs that can give us the type of energy required to effectively deal with. It will not be easy to transform this world spiritually into a better place, but it makes one feel good to be contributing positively to making this world a better place.

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