Unreliable sources/experiences often used to back up spiritual beliefs

We can do the really difficult spiritual work/training to gain a better spiritual grip on reality so that we can better determine which sources are more reliable. There are so many people in this world that do not have a good spiritual grip on reality. We can not work to improve the spiritual beliefs that people hold on this planets, if people tend to believe some of the really wild experiences some people have are true and therefore their spiritual beliefs are true.


One has to just figure out what spiritual beliefs will allow one to get the strongest spiritual grip on reality(and will serve us well when we are facing the most difficult challenges this world can offer us), and not allow the wild experiences that believers of many of the inadequate spiritual ideologies that exist on this planet use to validate what they believe or want to believe. Almost every religion or spiritual group/organization will present all sorts of miraculous/unusual experiences people have that validate why their beliefs are really true.


I could not have done all the work to improve my spiritual beliefs and the astrology system I have developed that is based on them, if I was forced to give a lot of credence to a lot of the experience that others present to validate the inadequate beliefs of the past, or beliefs that are sort of in style in the present. I understand very well how the spiritual works, and understand how messed up spiritual energy(that exists a lot on this planet)can separate people from what is really happening to them. How people can go into weird alter states and experience all kinds of crazy experience that can be confused with reality.


I do the extremely hard/difficult spiritual training(not going into detail here) required to be in extremely healthy physically and spiritually and gain a very strong spiritual connection to reality. I put myself into the really difficult and challenging spiritual/physical states that can really test how well my beliefs help me handle reality at its most intense. I am able to handle really heavy doses of reality well. The sources I tend to trust are going to be those that align with my very serious and rational spiritual focus that come from my training and the beliefs I have developed to enable me to handle such training.


I have found that the people that tend to be quite lose in what they believe and accept as real, are not the types that could ever value what I have to offer to this world due to a lifetime of intense work in the spiritual area. People with low standards as to what they consider as valid can not appreciate those who have really high standards when it come to finding out what is true or works well spiritually.

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