The importance of having spiritual beliefs that function well in this challenging physical reality we exist in

I believe the stronger we connect to the physical reality we exist in and share with others, the closer we will be able to connect with God who maintains this reality for our benefit. I believe this challenging physical reality we exist in can really test how good our spiritual beliefs really are. That we all need to work hard to improve our spiritual beliefs and training techniques so that we can be more effective in transforming the world around us into a better place to exist in. I see this world as being very messed up spiritually because the dominant spiritual beliefs that exist here are inadequate. That life, and the spiritual that tends to reflect life, are very complicated and overly simplistic beliefs are not good enough to explain either. That just like in any other subject we strive to master the knowledge of, we will start at the beginning by learning the more simple stuff, but as we progress we will be able to handle more of its complexity.

I do have my extremely intense spiritual/physical exercises(mostly meditative and cardiovascular) I am able to do that are able to put me into really challenging and difficult physical/spiritual states, that give me a really heavy dose of reality when I do them, and tests how well my belief are able to help me handle such challenging states. How well ones beliefs can handle really tough challenges tells one a lot of how good they are and can help one to figure out ways to improve them. I am very much into the value of the physical-spiritual connection.

It is important to search for ways to improve ones spiritual belief using all serious sources one can find, as well as ones creativity and the process of trial and error. One can often learn a lot from others who have led challenging lives and have learned a lot spiritually as a result. I have found that people who ignore outside feedback from others a lot often can lose touch with reality. It is very important to listen to, and bounce ones view of reality off of those due to their experience and expertise are capable of giving one really good feedback

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