Taking spiritual responsibility for improving the spiritual state this planet is in.

We must understand that it is up to us to be responsible for improving the spiritual state this world is in. I feel people need to understand that it is up to them to do the hard spiritual/physical training and deep spiritual thinking and testing(through trial and error)required to develop or understand better how the spiritual works. Looking to spirits/beings not incarnated on or native to this planet to do the work for us is just not going to work that well and has not done well for us in the past. I feel that a lot of people on this planet have not had their spiritual beliefs challenged/tested enough, so are able to hold on to fantasy/luxury type beliefs that can only do well under really sheltered conditions, but would not hold up to the stress of facing a really heavy and difficult dose of reality.

People who are well aware personally of the serious problems that exist on this planet, will tend to get very practical in their spiritual beliefs, because luxury type beliefs just would not be stripped down enough to that which works the best on a basic mechanical level spiritually. Being overindulgent in the type of spiritual beliefs we have can render us with not enough of a serious/efficient focus spiritually in order to rationally address the really complex and difficult problems of the highly advance technological age we now exist in. We live in an age where a lot of people live overly indulging/permissive lifestyles and tend to have spiritual beliefs that mirror this. A lot of our problems in this world are the result of this type of an overindulging/permissive lifestyle. If we are to straighten out this world spiritually, we are going happen to focus more on what really counts.

These indulgent spiritual beliefs will not help one to do the spiritual training required to become in the type of physical/spiritual shape that will help one to handle the really intense stress of taking on the really intense spiritual challenges that exist here now on this Earth. Listen to the news if you are not spiritual aware enough of the challenges that exist here on this Earth at this time. We have to do our part spiritually to transform the conditions on this Earth and we must do our part spiritually to improve our spiritual beliefs so as to do so. People who specialize in the spiritual can really work hard to come up with better spiritual beliefs and training techniques. And those with other specialties required on this Earth can learn what they personally need to know about the spiritual from these spiritual specialists so that they can best contribute what they have to offer to this world. Different people have different abilities the can develop and contribute.


We need to have really high spiritual standards as to the type of world we exist in, and not be overly tolerant/permissive of spiritual beliefs that are not good enough to uphold a really high standard. We can not please everyone spiritually when we are into doing everything it takes to get into the best condition physically/spiritually. But, sometimes it is more important to focus on what really works than pleasing people or winning a spiritual popularity contest. When one focuses on what really works spiritually one will reach and connect with the people that count the most when it comes to making a positive difference in this world. Sometimes one needs to focus more on function than looks or appeal.

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