Meditative walking & other types of meditation

WARNING:  One has to give the body time to adjust to the physical-spiritual exercises I represent here as to frequency, duration, and intensity!  You need to consult with a doctor(Medical Professional) to ensure you do not have any medical conditions that make any degree of difficulty of these exercises unsafe for you.  Do them at your own risk!  The most intensely done meditative-physical exercises are designed for people with an extreme spiritual focus and body awareness that can enable them to handle the years of intense training and  spiritual-physical states that most people are not able to safely handle and have no good reason to do so.  One has to figure out what degree of spiritual training meets your spiritual needs based on the requirements of the type of life one leads.

Going for a slow meditative walk. Breath in with one step and breath out with the next while focusing on whatever emotions that are disturbing ones inner peace. Focus as much of ones attention on breathing as intensely as possible.  When one gets really good at breathing really fast one can breath in and out with every step, but might have to slow down ones walking pace a little in order to do this.  Also attention can be given to the massaging of ones neck to a degree by the raising of one shoulders a little higher than one does with the normal arm movements that come while walking. The neck tends to absorb tension. The neck is so close to the brain that it can stimulate it with its motion.  One can also close one eyes during brief periods when one can safely get away with it.

I sometimes close my eyes with 6 steps and open for 2 steps when I am walking in an area with few distractions or dangers/obstacles. One can even strain to breath harder while closing ones eyes more tightly or squeezing one lips more tightly closed. Actually closing ones eyes more tightly and pressing ones lips together more strongly while doing a meditative walk will in time relieve tension in the head. Some people do damage to their teeth(gritting them due to tension). Pressing the lips strongly together will not cause any harm.

Meditative walking can be complicated and it takes a while to make it all happen automatically. One can be creative and figure out the best technique that will work for you. Relieving tension and transforming the emotions that are the source of the tension can be done while doing a meditative walk. Relieving stressful tension in the body does help one to improve the spiritual state one is in. Along with the tension one can also relieve any emotional imbalance one has that is creating the physical tension.

This is a description of how I am now doing my meditative walk. I have been doing meditative walking for over 2 decades, so I can do it very intensely with very intense rapid breathing. I breath in and out with each short step which is carefully place. I focus on moving my arm up and down a little more than normal walking action which moves the shoulders up and down and massages the neck and provides more blood to the brain I believe. I also lean forward a little and walk with short rather stiff steps.  After 3/4 of a mile of walking like this I get very tired, which means I must walk slower with more side to side motion to keep going. I burn out at the end. I do have to have careful foot placement on the Earth, since when one is tired and in an altered meditative state one will lose ones balance if one is not doing it carefully enough. I also close my eyes every couple of steps and try to intensify the effort/focus I am putting into this.

One can use similar technique while doing a meditation lying down on ones back using similar shoulder movements and even legs movements to some degree.  One can move ones feet and hands/fingers a little bit also when doing this in order to gain more of a wholistic connection to the body.  One can also even do some hand/finger movements when doing the meditative walk.  I find tensing the stomach muscle as though attempting to do a crunch(but without any actual body movement occurring) when breathing in can create tension that help one the breath more intensely and thus increase the effectiveness of this lying down exercise.  When doing a sitting meditation similar techniques can be used, but one may need to do a little back and forth movement of the body  above the waist in order to create tension in the stomach muscles in a similar way as I mentioned above in regard to the lying down meditation.  Also in both lying down and sitting meditation, it can be helpful to close ones eyes extra tightly when breathing in so as to help prevent or alleviate ocular headaches. One can close ones eyes or not when breathing out depending on what ones finds works best for you!

3/28/16  I have been really focusing on taking short quick steps and breathing intensely through the mouth so as to rev my body(nervous system) up a lot which I am sure raises my heart rate quite a bit.  I try to quiet my mind a good portion of the so that I can have all my focus on further intensifying the meditative walk.

5/10/16  I have been moving my shoulders very forcefully up and down in rhythm with my arm movements in order to force more blood to the brain(also neurologically stimulate it) so that I can do these meditative walks even more intensely.  This shoulder movement does massage the neck and can be done more rapidly when combined with short quicker steps.

6/9/16  I now start of my walks breathing in and out with each step until not able do this any more, then I breath in with one step and out with the next until unable to do this any more, and then I finish my walk breathing in with 2 steps and out with 2 steps covering about a mile in total.  I really focus on moving my shoulders up and down(massaging my neck) in rhythm with my natural walking motion to stimulate my brain and providing added blood flow to it.  If I stop the exaggerated shoulder movement my body is unable to maintain the intensity to do this exercise well.

8/31/16 I now have been able too last about 2 miles doing my breathing in and out with each step the whole time.  I do the shoulder movement and do  close my eyes tightly briefly at times to avoid ocular headaches.  Opening and closing the eyes sort of massages them and relieves tension! I focus on moving my arms quickly back and forth with out lifting them a lot.  I also pay attention to the energy that the arms are receiving sort of like an antenna while I walk which I tend to feel in my wrists a lot.  I take small steps which intensifies the breathing speed and arm movements.  My diaphragm has been being trained for about three decades to handle really quick up and down motion!  Most people do better with breathing in with one step and out with the next!

My mind is able to function in spiritual states that would shut down the mind of others due to my training.  But, so many people on this planet are stuck in certain limiting spiritual mindsets that are prevalent here.  I have mapped spiritual territory in my mind that others have not.  The mind goes blank when it reaches spiritual territory beyond which it can comprehend.

A LONG INTENSE MEDITATIVE WALK FOR ME IS ABOUT A MILE AND A SHORT ONE IS ABOUT A QUARTER MILE.  The word “long” is relative to the type of activity one is doing.  A normal walk(sometimes done with lightly meditative) may be considered long if it is about 5 mile, while short if it is a mile or less.  People can often do a lot of thinking in a light meditative state.

Emotions power the spiritual, so the more one can tune into intense and difficult emotions while doing an intense meditative walk or in other forms of meditation, the more effective one will become spiritually at making a positive difference in this very challenging physical world we all exist in.

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  1. Thank you Thomas this is very interesting and informative and very helpful. 😊

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     /  September 3, 2016

    A very interesting read, Thomas. Thank you for sharing.

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