Helping to Heal others through Spiritual Means

When it comes to being effective at using spiritual means to help in healing others,it is so important to be really good at doing all that it takes to heal oneself and get oneself into a very healthy physical/spiritual state. That is because one can not send spiritual energy to others that one does not yourself have and apply to yourself. Also, it is important to be able to give guidance as to how someone can improve their lifestyle/habits so that they can move in an healthier direction and not be as likely to get sick. It is not easy to advice people on diet, exercise, and spiritual practices that will help them become healthier, because everyone is different and one needs to have broad knowledge in this area in order to offer helpful suggestions to them.

I tend to be limited to giving to the internet at this time when it comes to trying to reach people spiritually with what I have to offer. I have had some good results, but still feel direct interaction with others is preferable and I want to have more of that in the future. But, the internet can provide really good practice and I have found that I can be helpful to people who are struggling with a variety of really strong spiritual/physical challenges even though my connection with them is limited to the internet. I would not assume that someone would not learn a lot through the internet. I feel some people may merit really advanced placement in a spiritual healing course due to their past training whether from the internet or independent study.

Often when someone joins a new religion or spiritual group, it is assumed they do not have have any valuable past spiritual experience to offer. So often tribal energy dominates religious and spiritual organizations. Often people can have a lot of spiritual understanding, but not be familiar with the unique language used by a religious/spiritual organization/group. I admit that I tend not to fit in well with traditional type religious/spiritual organizations and tend to do better with organizations that use simpler language and focus more on being creative and practical in how they seek to gain results

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