Some one asked me what I meant when I said I had high spiritual standards

This was my answer:

I have always been dissatisfied with the spiritual climate that exists on this planet and have always worked to improve on my spiritual beliefs and training techniques so that I would function in a more capable way spiritually. I did not do this for purely selfish reasons, but in order to contribute to advancing spiritual understanding here on a planet that has so many problems rooted in the spiritual that need to be addressed.


I have worked on developing a better astrology system that would not only act as a very good spiritual tuning devise, but would be formulated based on a better understanding of how the spiritual works. I developed this astrology system in as rational way as I could while using intuition to the degree I was capable of. I have used a lot of trial and error, mostly error in the 35+ years I have worked on this. At the same time I have been perfecting my meditative/mind-body exercise techniques. In other fields of study outside of the spiritual if someone said they had high standards it would be more easily understood what they could mean.


The spiritual is a very important field to specialize in, but it is one among many other fields that are very vital to making a good habitat for spirits to incarnate on and function at there best. I specialize in the spiritual field, since that is the area I am very capable in. I was born with limitations that kept me from being that good at anything else, and thus helping me to have a very strong focus in this area. I have struggled to survive in a world that did not value spiritual innovation that much, so I have really struggled to survive here. But often desperation is the mother of invention(discovery) or the means one is driven to do things with a level of difficulty that others would not tolerate or feel a need to.

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