Why does God let bad things happen?

We are responsible for the spiritual climate that exists(not God) here on this Earth. If we do not handle sex very well on this planet, rape and other forms of sexual abuse will occur, along with all kind of other harmful consequences resulting from acting irresponsibly in this area. We live in a violent world, since we are not willing to make the strong effort required to try to understand and get along with others who see this world from a different perspective from us. Anger often is misdirected leading to all kinds of harmful/destructive results in this world. Anger can be directed in a constructive way toward improving the spiritual conditions that exist on this planet, but so often it comes out in irrational and destructive way that can lead to people victimizing others.


It is so easy to get in serious trouble in this world with so many people not being that much in control of their behavior and not good at directing themselves emotionally/spiritually in a positive way. We can train ourselves to become stronger and more aware spiritually(get a stronger spiritual connection with reality and God)through:

1. Working to improve ones spiritual beliefs so they help us to better handle the challenging physical reality we exist in.

2. Keeping up on all the serious issues and problems that exist in this world and trying to do ones part to contribute what one can to make this world a better place.

3. Focus on using and improving ones spiritual radar/intuition so as to be able to better sense when one safety is in danger from other people or from circumstances. One can not sense danger if one is not well informed as to all of the likely danger one could face in a given situation or circumstance.

4. Improving ones diet and getting enough quality physical exercise so that one will be really healthy, since being healthy will help one handle a lot more of the challenges of life more effectively and also help one to handle the spiritual/emotional stress that comes from taking on the really strong spiritual challenges life presents us with.

5. Use effective meditative techniques including meditative movement exercises that when done intensely enough put one in very difficult spiritual/emotional states, so that one can learn to better handle such states and the emotions that come with them. One can train oneself to handle all emotions in a positive/constructive way.  I have a wordpress post on meditative/mind body exercises.

The reality that God(the universal spirit) maintains for us is set up to serve us very well, provided we do the required work to become effective at dealing with its challenges. These challenges can bring out the most in us spiritually and test how well our spiritual beliefs really work. We can become a lot more capable spiritually on this planet and can improve the spiritual climate that exists here. This Earth is our spiritual responsibility. God will help, provided we do our very vital part.

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