Science vs Spiritual

We live in an age overly dominated by science and materialism. At this time science tends to be quite unified unlike religion(the spiritual)which now tends to be tribal in nature. We need to advance a lot further in the spiritual direction and become less divisive in this area. Spiritual divisiveness is leading to a lot of conflict in this world. If we got our act together spiritually and became more effective in this area, science would be forced to not discount the value of the spiritual so much. I tend to challenge science and the fields that claim to be based on science to some degree when they tend to devalue the importance of the spiritual and the role the spirit plays in regard to helping us behave sanely and in a healthy manner in this world.


Psychology is spiritual and people in this field need to be trained to be more capable in the spiritual area. Medicine has a very strong spiritual component which plays a very strong role in getting people to get on a good diet and exercise program so as to become really healthy. Meditative techniques can help one to heal oneself and become healthier. Effective spiritual beliefs play a strong role in helping one gain a stronger grip on reality, so that one will be motivated to act in a way that will make one healthier and more effective in this challenging physical world we exist in.

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