Spiritual specialization and the need to constantly work at it!

I do not believe there are any sources of perfect spiritual information.   That we need to constantly work to get a better grip on what is true spiritually using effective spiritual training(including meditative techniques. intensely deep thinking, diet, and aerobic exercise).  I believe the spiritual is the area that helps one learn to handle emotions really well, so that one can use any emotion in a positive way.  If one can properly handle ones emotions, one can act in a way that will contribute positively to ones well being and to the well being of the world around you.

PSYCHOLOGY has a spiritual focus and is not a perfect source of spiritual information.   It is sort of a secular religion.  No religion is perfect or has perfect spiritual information.  Channeling, and hypnosis will not give one perfect information on the spiritual.  The quality/value/accuracy of spiritual information gotten through a person acting as a medium will be limited by the level of spiritual development of that person.   We can develop very effective spiritual tools that can help one to get a better grip on what is true spiritually, but will never get a perfect grip.  One has to really put forth a constant effort in order to maintain and improve on ones grip on what is true spiritually.

I am very much into the physical-spiritual connection and its value in helping one function better in this challenging and stressful physical world/reality we exist in.   I am not into and spiritual beliefs that do not help one to function really well spiritually in this current physical reality we are now in.  I believe there is a certain body type that works best for a spiritual specialist.  The world needs people that are very capable in many different fields in order for things to function well here.  I believe differing body types can function well in differing fields of expertise.   But, I do feel it is important to be healthy in whatever body type one possesses in order to get the most out of oneself.   Excessive stomach fat has been found to be unhealthy.

Until the age of 22 when I joined the Navy, I was always very lean.  My weight was such that by today’s standards I would have been considered as anorexic.  I think my lean body type helped me to tune into and develop an early interest in the spiritual.   Often in the past religious people have lived a lean austere life style in order to help them improve their spiritual focus.   They may not have done this in the healthiest way, but they did not have all the knowledge we have today about nutrition.   One does need a really strong spiritual connection with the physical world in order to be able to function really well spiritually here.   A spiritual specialist needs to be able to handle the roughest spiritual/emotional states this physical world can challenge them with. They need a body that can handle the intense stress that can come from being exposed to the roughest emotional/psychological/spiritual states that this challenging physical world can create.  One can not really be helpful spiritually to someone if one is not be able to handle being in the spiritual/emotional state the other person is struggling with.   A spiritual specialist needs to be able to handle difficult emotional/spiritual states a lot better than those they are trying to help.  It takes a really well conditioned body to help a spirit handle the stress that comes with connecting so strongly psychically with people who are in extremely challenging emotional states.

Being in great cardiovascular shape I believe gives the body a lot of “inner fitness” which can help one to be able to handle stress a lot better.  Having less body fat I believe tends to expose the body more to the spiritual energy around you, sort of removing an insulating barrier.   It takes a lot of spiritual strength to get lean while not using dietary methods that take away hunger.   I feel when one takes measures to not feel hunger, one tends to tune oneself out spiritually.   I feel one can gain a lot of spiritual strength by becoming good at dealing with physical discomfort and hunger.  Not doing what some people do when they use certain diets and drugs to disconnect or insulate themselves from the spiritual and hunger.   One should feel really challenging hunger if one is exercising intensely while eating frequent healthy meals that restrict your daily calories enough.  Calorie restriction is used by some these days as a life extension technique. One should exercise very intensely and carefully and not excessively.   One does not have to exercise very long per exercise session in order to to gain a lot of cardiovascular fitness.  Intense short duration exercise can be very effective.   It can take quite a long time to build up the body’s ability to handle really intense cardiovascular exercise.   The same is true when it comes to handling meditative exercises.  I have a facebook note on meditative/mind-body exercises.

The body type I have is as light as a top long distance runner, even though I do not run more than 2 miles(4 days a week) with one mile done hard and the second mile done as a slow meditative one.  The other 3 days of the week, I do do 17 minutes of non-stop overhead 2-handed modified dumbbell swings starting out with 50 40 lb ones immediately followed by as many 20 lb ones as I can do.  I also do stretching before I run and before and after I do my dumbbell swings.  I do do crunches as a warm up before I stretch and stretch very carefully so as not to hurt myself.  I do a brief warm up using the 20 lb dumbbell while exercising various muscles a few times.   I now weigh about 130 pounds at 5 feet 10 inches tall.

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