Facebook may make access to my account too difficult!!

Facebook forced me again today to have to quess which images goes with which friends today in order for me to regain access to my account(I only changed my internet service-I use google chrome).  They gave me a useless alternative of giving them the last 5 numbers of my nonexistent drivers license.  I have a limited visual memory so I really hate struggling to guess the correct answers.   Last time they did this I was lock out for quite some time while having to keep guessing on images until I got lucky.  I could have giving them a nonexistent cell phone number as an alternative to guessing images. This time I got lucky right away, but really did concentrate really hard and focused on using a process of elimination of the friends they listed to choose from.   I have tried to reach facebook with my complaints, but I doubt I reach them in any meaningful way.  They just are too caught up in the “one size fits all” mentality that is so prevalent in our society that tend to limit REASONABLE options for those who are different, thus DISCRIMINATING against them.  Facebook could so easily just allow people the option to choose there own security questions and answers giving them more control over their own account security!  NO OTHER SITE I AM ON HAS CAUSE ME A SIMILAR PROBLEM!

I am on a number of sites on the internet including twitter and google+.   One can reach me through those other sites(just google “astrogoodwin” my internet name)if I happen to all of a sudden disappear from facebook.  

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