Where I am coming from spiritually

My main focus is in being innovative in the spiritual area. I am a spiritual independent, free to find/develop the best spiritual beliefs and training techniques possible. I understand that different people use differing means to gain a better connection with the universal spirit(God)and thus to reality. There exists a degree of spiritual oneness that helps to make our reality work really well, some people may not see this spirit of oneness as God. I feel we can often get too caught up in semantics and labels.

This physical reality we exist in can really test how good our spiritual beliefs really are at helping us perform under pressure. I do not believe God(the universal spirit) endorses any particular religion. One can not perform really well spiritually without a very good connection with God and reality. Individual spirits like us play a big role in creating the spiritual conditions that exist in this world. It is up to us to improve the spiritual conditions within ourselves and in the world around us. God will help provided we do the required work to earn the results.

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