Why I do not “Go With The Flow” spiritually

This was motivated in response to a YouTube video on alcohol by Abraham Hicks.


I am not much for “going with the flow”. I have found going with the flow is not good for my survival. I have no desire for junk food, or drugs. I take no prescription drugs. I feel the spiritual status quo on this Earth is quite messed up. If one really wants to have a really positive spiritual impact on this world one has to be good at improving the spiritual flow around you. I train to get stronger and healthier physically and spiritually so that I can straighten out the messed up spiritual energy around me on this planet. There is a constant interplay between the inner and the outer spiritually.


My extremely hard meditative/mind-body exercises I do put me in really challenging spiritual states and condition myself to be able to handle them well. A person who trains themselves really hard at something will do better than one who does not train themselves that hard. The physical body will feel stress when taking on tough spiritual/emotional challenges, it needs to be trained to be able to handle this stress.


I understand a lot of people were born with the right capabilities to fit in well in this world and the “go with the flow” spiritual approach works well enough for them. I am not into just “feeling happy”. I only can feel good about myself if I am working really hard to contribute something valuable to this world. I do focus on making the future a better one. My focus in the present is to keep me heading in the right direction so as to improve where I am headed in the future. Having hope for a better future is very important to helping people who are struggling in the present to keep working hard and feeling good about themselves despite the present stormy conditions they are going through. Trying to improve “the flow” so it will be better in the future is very important to the well being of a lot of people on the planet Earth right now.

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