Science vs Spiritual: 2 very different fields

Science is not perfect, but it does keep working at improving. I wish we would work harder at improving our understanding about the spiritual. The spiritual area does tend to be more resistant to change than science is.  Science tends to have an external focus while the spiritual has a more inner focus. We have hard science and soft science. Science does best when dealing with material substances. The spiritual deal with the non-material.   Science is not so good when trying to deal with human beings and their differences. Science often tends to not understand its limitations and to discredit the spiritual side of life and its impact. 

On the other hand people who focus on the spiritual often are overly critical of science and tend to think that scientific laws can be circumvented through spiritual means or through the power of belief. The spiritual is not a science. This does not mean it does not work or is a pseudoscience. Science can not be used to make advances in the spiritual since inner(intuitive)work is required, but may be able to test how effective different spiritual beliefs/method help to improve people’s lives.

Knowing a certain amount about the physical universe and the problems of this world requires a certain amount of valid information with the help of science. The spiritual tends to be more (w)holistic(than science) so it has to use science in order to get the complete picture. Some people try to use not very good or misunderstood science to prove that their spiritual belief are valid. That is why we need to often fact check the validity of the science people claim backs up their beliefs by going to skeptic sites. We must do this because if less adequate spiritual beliefs are given extra credence, then more adequate differing beliefs will be not given the credence they deserve. Fraud and deception do occur at times in the spiritual field of study.

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