The importance of time and space to the oneness of our physical/spiritual reality

One has to understand the physical spiritual connection and the degree of oneness in the interaction between the spiritual and the physical. One can not eliminate the affects the rules that impact our physical reality have on how our spirit operates.. We can not escape space or time and its impact on us, since they are vital to how our reality works. The spirit is dependent on the physical world and can not escape this vital connection.

Some spiritual belief systems tend to focus on escaping from this physical reality which is not a healthy thing for the spirit to do.  Time(a vital part of our physical reality) is so important to ones sense of purpose and spiritual effectiveness. One can not train to be good at anything without putting the required time in. Time give one an identity gotten from what ones past experience have made us into. Time gives us a present in which we depend on our past experiences and training to make the most of what we are able to achieve. And a future that gives us something that we can aim for and give us a sense of purpose. It is hard to know where one is heading if one does not anticipate what would be a good next/future step.
Tuning out from time and space may temporarily remove a lot of the pressures of life, but it is disorienting and is not good for helping one to better cope with the reality one exist in right now and will continue to exist in regularly in the future. Being able to really focus on the time and space one is moving through is very important when one is trying to make the most of the challenges that are part of life. Being disoriented in time and space is not a safe place to be spiritually when one is facing challenging circumstances.Even when the spirit leaves its body, it needs to know where it is at and not become disoriented. A spirit that is trained to be well oriented within our physical multiverse while being incarnated will be a more oriented spirit when it leaves its body and is trying to find the right situation for its next incarnation.
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