The way the spirit operates within the rules of our physical reality

This post represents my speculation on the spirit and how it operates independent of a body based on my intuition and understanding of how our reality works.  I do get a lot of information about how the spirit operates from my dreams in my sleep.  I believe that ones spirit does often leave the body in ones sleep.  That we can gain a lot of insight from our dreams about how the spirit operates.  Spiritual training I believe also helps an awful lot to help one to better connect with the spirit world(that is located in the same time and space as the physical world and constantly interacts with it) and understand what is happening there while one is dreaming.

The spirit after leaving its body at death has to find the type of body that it has experience in operating. It has certain genetic requirements necessary to meet its needs. Some spirits are more specialized than others and have to have bodies that meet more specialized genetic requirements. Spirits can not escape the time and space they exist in. They do exist in a time and space when incarnated in a body, and when they leave their body must travel from the point they leave the body through space in order to get to another location. The spirit is less limited in some ways when it is without the weight of a body and can travel a lot more quickly and readily through space. But, it still takes time for the spirit to travel through space even when the spirit is not burdened with the weight of being connected to a physical body.. It is hard for a spirit(even without body) to travel through areas of space it is not familiar with.

Most spirits tend to become quite attached to the location they have become familiar with. Most spirits are not that adventurous or willing to deal with a great deal of change, so they tend to stay put to quite a degree. A spirit that becomes a ghost will tend to become really attached to a location. Of course if a crisis hit they would be impelled to accept change in order to continue to have their needs met as to being able to find a suitable body and habitat to meets its vital needs. The multiverse does vary spiritually from one place to another. The spirit would have to be quite motivated to go to places that are quite different spiritually than their present location. Spirits have relationships with other spirits that will often have to be left behind when a spirit decides to travel to a place quite a distant from their current location.
With the motivation of an emergency a group of spirits can more readily travel together further through space in order to find a new location to incarnate into. Spirits do have to travel through the space between different locations within the multiverse. They can not jump from one place to another without covering the territory occurring between locations. Just because a spirit leaves its physical body, does not mean the rules that govern this multiverse no longer apply. Even when the spirit leaves the body in dreams at night, it still has its limitations
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  1. The Sun of Man

     /  August 19, 2012

    I have the answers you are searching for. Check out my blog. Keep searching you are on the right track.

  2. I am doing well on finding better answers. I am not searching for “the answers”. We can not get perfect answers. My understanding of how the spiritual works is based on a lot of really intense spiritual training, experiences, and really deep thinking. I try to develop beliefs that interface well with the challenging physical reality we exist in right now that can really test how well our beliefs really work. If someone has spiritual ideas that are an improvement on mine, please express here specifically how my ideas can be improved and the reasons why these improvements one proposes would help someone better tune into our challenging reality we now exist in in this physical world. We can have an intense spiritual discussion and maybe learn from each other.

    My spiritual beliefs are not traditional and do not have as much psychic support in this world from believers as more popular beliefs. Because popular beliefs have a psychic support it is easier to become attached or even addicted to them. It takes a lot of intense spiritual training and very deep thinking to develop better spiritual ideas, but the rewards of obtaining more effective spiritual beliefs/programming makes it worthwhile. Newer and better beliefs may take quite a bit more effort to understand than more accepted beliefs, but this extra effort will be well worth it. We need to make an extra effort spiritually in this world and stop being mindless followers of beliefs from the past.


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