The continuous existence of ones spirit.

I do believe that spirits continuously exist(reincarnates) and do not believe psychics are completely off when they connect with spirits after they die. I connected with both the spirit of my brother and my mother really strongly after they died in my dreams. Some people are not as tuned into the spirit world as others, but one can do meditative training in order to improve ones connection in this area. One dreams in ones sleep can connect one to the spirit world to quite a degree. Scientist rarely train intensely in the spiritual area, since it is such an opposite direction. I feel psychically my continuous existence as an individual spirit. I train extremely hard spiritually using my own intense meditative/mind-body exercises. The psychic senses that help one to tune into the spiritual have to be developed.

We really are not that advanced in the spiritual area at this time in this world and can do a lot to improve in this area. The predominating spiritual ideas that have a lot of psychic support in this world(due to a quantity of believer here)are easily tuned into by a lot of people. New more advanced spiritual ideas(recently developed and not yet having the time to gain a lot of psychic support of a lot of believers) will take more work to connect with, but will if one makes the effort to required to understand and program oneself with them will help one to become a lot more aware and effective spiritually in this world. It sure helps to have a good spiritual road map to help one better understand what is going on in this world on a deeper level.

The spiritual ideas that work the best to help us cope and do well in the physical reality we exist in right now will be the ones that will be closest to the truth. The truth tends to work! When one is really strongly challenged in this world spiritually, one has to have spiritual ideas that help you to hang in there and handle it. Any spiritual ideas that allow one a way to escape from facing this reality when it becomes really challenging through going out of existence, or going into a reality that is not as challenging will harm ones ability to hang in there. When one knows that one will spiritually continuously face similar challenges in the future even beyond this life, one will be more willing to learn how handle the intense challenges that you are now facing. This world has a lot of intense challenges right now that we need to advance spiritually in order to better handle.

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