Spiritual programming and Consequences(Karma)

To be good at performing well at anything it takes good training and programming.  This is true in the spiritual area.  In order to be able to behave in the way that will bring about positive consequences one needs to have good spiritual radar(intuition)to help one to sense what would be the better action to take under a given circumstance.  We live in a very complicated and challenging world, so often it can be hard to figure what would be the best action to take.  What we believe deep inside us about how reality works spiritually will have a lot of impact on how we perceive a situation and how we respond to it.  We all have guiding beliefs that affect how we see and react to things that occur in our reality.

As we transform ourselves by improving our guiding spiritual beliefs, we will be able to act in a way that will bring about more positive results.  But, improving ones beliefs is not easy and takes a lot of work.  There is a mental and spiritual process involved when it comes to building and then programming within oneself a more advance belief system.   First one build up ones spiritual/emotional/mental strength so that one will gain a stronger connection with reality.  One has to have a mind that is spiritually able to handle a stronger dose of the truth before one can improve ones beliefs.  Then, one has to do the required deep thinking( helped by using sources one senses have  a degree of spiritual reliability) in order to get all the preliminary pieces of the puzzle required, so as to construct spiritual beliefs that are even more in harmony with reality than ones previous beliefs.  When one has done the necessary preliminary thinking and explored the spiritual ideas required, one will then be ready to receive and hold onto a better spiritual belief.  When one is ready one can gain this better spiritual belief from some one else who one draws to oneself or through ones own creativity.   One has to do a lot of trial and error testing to see how well differing beliefs serve one in this world, so that one will know which beliefs are more likely to work than others.  When performing in this world one has to experiment quite a bit to find out what tend to work better.

We transform ourselves as we transform/improve our spiritual beliefs.  When we have truly transformed ourselves and imprinted better spiritual beliefs within ourselves, our behavior and habits should change for the better,  and we should produce better consequences in our lives.  One should be able to have a lot of impact on the consequences of ones past actions as a result of becoming a better version of oneself.  The effectiveness of meditation and other spiritual type actions one uses to impact ones own spiritual energy field and to send out to impact the outside world is very much affected by ones spiritual beliefs and the strength that comes with them.  One can have a lot of impact to change the negative consequences/karma of ones past behavior using the more positive and effective spiritual energy one can now direct outwardly as a result of going through the process required to reach a more positive spiritual state.

Spiritual training goes hand in hand with obtaining better spiritual beliefs.  Spiritual training not only involves spiritual practices such as prayer(chanting) and meditative techniques, but also involves taking on challenges in life that really test our selves emotionally.  We are able to test the effectiveness of our spiritual beliefs in the very challenging reality we are now in on this Earth, and by so doing see in what way we can improve them.  It is by improving ones spiritual beliefs and training that we are able to transform the spiritual state we are in and help transform the spiritual state this world in a positive(constructive) way.  We can do a lot to improve the spiritual state of ourselves and the world we live in.

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