Determining the Value of What One is Contributing to this World.

A religion should provide people with effective rational spiritual beliefs that help them to behave in a valuable way to themselves  and the world they exist in. How is the value gauged?

How one values things is very much affected by ones spiritual programming. Ones spiritual radar is very much affected by how good ones spiritual programming is. It helps to have spiritual programming that connects one really well with the concrete/physical world one exists in right now, in order for one to properly evaluate how much one is able to contribute in a constructive, rational, healing, way to the world one inhabits right now. It is important to value the concrete world that one exists in right now(not see it as an illusion)in order to be able to properly assess what one is contributing to it. Of course one has to take good care of oneself in order to function well enough to contribute something worthwhile to this world.
In accessing how much of value one is contributing and how to improve on this, one will often have to do some research and consult others.  There are lots of examples one can read about valuable contributions made by all sorts of people in all sorts of roles or occupations.Having rational spiritual programming helps one to act rationally which helps one to better tune into the rational link between actions and consequences. So often accidents happen as a result of people not acting in a sober rational way. Doing meditative/mind-body exercises that increase the link between the physical and the spiritual can be very helpful.
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