We have continuously evolved using cycles in our understanding of Science and the Spiritual

Thomas Goodwin

I do not see anything coming from ancient times that indicates in any way that they were superior to the civilizations that followed them. I feel we have continuously made progress from one civilization to the next. At least we have madeprogress over time in being able to better record in writing/print our knowledge and History. When dealing with ancient times, we have to depend a lot on our intuition to fill in the dots as to what we do not know. We have to decide which scientists are most reliable. The ancients did have a well developed brain, so they were able to do some impressive things with what knowledge they did have. But, we do not lose all the spiritual knowledge that we gain when a civilization falls apart. Any knowledge lost would soon be recovered, since the psychic trail would remain and will help it to be quickly rediscovered. Knowledge changes the human psyche on a deep spiritual level.A lot of people reincarnate continuously on this Earth, since most spirits become really attached to this planet and to other spirits who are also attached to this planet. These people who reincarnate will retain a psychic sense of that will help them to quickly rediscover when conditions are right what ever knowledge they previously were exposed to. This happens also in the spiritual area. But more new knowledge will be discovered in each successive civilization up to the present. We have not reach a level where we can not progress a lot farther than previous civilizations. We are way advanced over the Roman Empire, that was so instrumental in developing Christianity.

It should be obvious to anyone that we have a lot more growing to do in our understanding of the spiritual, based on how spiritual messed up this world now is. I do not see how anyone can see all the harsh and unhealthy conditions as well as abuse that exists in this world as being a sign that we really know what we are doing spiritually on this planet

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