The Physical is an Essential Part of our Spirit’s Reality

Thomas Goodwin

I do not believe the spirit can ever escape the physical world around it. I believe that even when it leaves the body(enters spirit world) between lives, it still is partly in the physical world and is affected by its rules. Without a body the spirit may be able to travel a lot faster in the physical world and is not as limited as when it has a body. One will notice in ones dreams(a place where we connect more strongly with, or visit  the spirit world) that one is able to do a lot of things there, that one can not do when awake. I believe it still takes time to do things in the spirit world, even if it takes less time, since the resistance in this realm is less.

I believe when we leave our body either in our dreams or after death, that we do not escape space or time, and that our spirit will have to travel from its point of leaving the body through space within our multiverse, in order to get to a new location. That it will take time for it to get anywhere. I believe the spirit is a lot less limited in regard to what it can tune into. Even when the spirit is well implanted in its body when awake, it often can tune into a lot spiritually that is way beyond its current location.

What one has to remind oneself is that the physical world and the important properties that go with it are part of the spiritual oneness of reality. That means that one can never totally escape from it. Often people who focus on the spiritual, have trouble getting along with science, because they tend to not value the physical aspect of our reality well enough. When one devalues the importance of the physical world, it make its easier to devalue the importance of proving oneself spiritually in it, by impacting it in a way that make a positive difference. If we had really adequate spiritual ideas and training, we should be able to transform this spiritual world into a much better place. We should appreciate the physical part of our reality, and not be so quick to devalue its important properties.

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