Why Do People Face So Much Abuse/Victimization? Karma?

Some people do not like the idea of Karma or Reincarnation because they do not believe anyone deserves to be born with certain disabilities or conditions that make their life extremely rough, or be the victim of terrible crimes etc.  I believe we have these primitive/harsh conditions in this world because we have not advanced this far spiritually here on this Earth at this time.  We have improved on a lot of the really harsh physical conditions that we faced in the past, as a result of our technological advances.  We have conquered a lot of disease and have made our homes more comfortable and have added a lot of useful labor saving devices.  But, we have not really done that much to improve in the spiritual area in regards to our spiritual ideas/beliefs(that really affects how well we are able to behave) as we have done in regards to our ideas/beliefs in the scientific area.  I strongly believe that this world is really messed up spiritually and we really need to improve on our spiritual beliefs, and practices/training so that we will live in a world with less abuse and unhealthy conditions that are rooted in the spiritual and how well human behave spiritually.

Terrible things happen everyday in this world and still people hold on the the primitive beliefs of the past that often have a certain acceptance of brutality built into them. A GOD that is autocratic(all powerful)and  believes in eternal torture without hope is really the most abusive GOD one could conceive of.   We can certainly improve our understanding of God and reality, and become more responsible in regards to our important spiritual role we play in improving the spiritual conditions around us.  Some religious/spiritual beliefs tend to be too passive and accepting of what abusive/harsh things are happening in this world and tend to de-emphasize the importance of this physical world we exist.  We need to stop being so passive spiritually and start really making an effort to bring real spiritual change not only to ourselves, but to the world around us.  We need to realize that we really do not know much about the spiritual at this time and need to start doing the really hard spiritual research to figure out what spiritual beliefs/ideas will help to improve the conditions we exist in in this world the most.


Spiritual beliefs run really deep, so do not change easily  It takes really hard inner work in order to change ones inner spiritual programming/beliefs.  That is why it often takes a crisis or really rough circumstances for individuals to be willing to change what they believe and for collective spiritual beliefs changes to happen.  I know from personal experience that It is rough having certain disabilities that make surviving in this current world extremely difficult I would not be able to push the edge as well as I can if my life had been easy and I was not so aware by personal experience how abusive/harsh a world we live in and how desperately it needs to advance to a better place spiritually.

Primitive type spiritual/religious beliefs lead to primitive spiritual/physical conditions and the abuse/hardships that come with it. We live in a fertile spiritual environment for all sorts of really messed up individuals to grow in and for cycles of abusive behavior to continue over and over again. We really need change to happen in this world, and often the people who help make this change are themselves the victims of abuse or those really hurt by having someone close to them be victimized. Sometimes people are victims of disease or tragedies that we really need to address.  People who face tragedy often do really valuable things in this world by taking on causes to try to prevent similar tragedies.  They can gain in empathy and become much stronger and better characters as a result of facing such a trial or person crisis.  Facing a crisis or tragedy can be really rough on a person, but can lead them to changing into a more valuable person spiritually and give them a valuable spiritual purpose to their life.  Crisis is often so valuable in helping people to advance spiritually.  We really need to  advanced spiritually a lot more individually and collectively so we will be able to do an awful lot to make this world a healthier and less abusive place to live both physically and spiritually.

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  1. naturopathicvitality

     /  October 22, 2011

    Being rooted in spirituality is essential. I feel sorry for those who are unfortunate and have not found spirituality in their life. For me, my faith keeps me strong and helps me love.


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