We Must Judge People, but Should do so Carefully!

One has to make judgments about people in order to figure out how to relate to them, and to evaluate how to respond to them and what advice/wisdom to offer them when they ask for it or seem like it would be a good thing to do. Our survival is determined by who we choose to trust and allow to get closer to us, and allow to work with us or for us or to work for. People will judge, even if intuitively without conscious thought and respond to people based on that.

It is a good idea to be careful(when able) not to respond in communication or action until one has really carefully evaluate someone and has figured out the best way to respond or relate to them. It is important to try to put one in another persons,s shoes as much as one is able. Being capable of having empathy for other and understand how complicated people’s lives and circumstances can be can help one to be more careful when making judgments about others so that one can relate to and communicate with them effectively.

People judge me all the time because of my uniqueness and my unique situation in this world, often not very positively, I expect this. People have certain beliefs programmed into them, that will determine what intuitive judgments the make about people and often act on without thinking. I am very much into having people improve on their beliefs so that they will make better intuitive as well as conscious judgments about people and situations and be able to behave in a better way spiritually in this world.

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