Energy, Technology, Our Economy, and the Need for Spiritual Advancement

We are going to keep using our oil, coal, and gas resources for quite some time into the future. With the state of our world’s economy we are going to have to use what energy resources we have to get out of the mess we are in.  Alternative energy will keep developing also and play its role along with the development  more of our oil, coal, and gas resources.   The United States will also need to keep developing all of its own energy resources in order to improve its economy through gaining more energy independence.   It is true we need to advance further spiritually in this world  so that we will become better at sharing the world’s resources(including energy) with less fortunate countries and people.  We do need  to be careful about demonizing certain industries(coal, oil, nuclear)  and all the people in it. This world would not have advanced as far as it has technologically if it were not for oil, coal, gas, and nuclear power.

The greenhouse affect is being exaggerated by certain people who have an agenda. It is a problem to quite a degree, but not an unsolvable one. I think we will be able to geoengineer the climate in the future to quite a degree and also find ways to lessen how much carbon dioxide is in the atmosphere. I do not believe we will stop using our fossil fuels when they are so cheap and abundant. We have huge amounts of natural gas and coal, as well as still having quite a bit of oil left. A lot of products we use are made from petroleum.

Our climate has naturally gone through periodic ice ages and may have been headed for another one, if we had not started adding so much greenhouse gas to our atmosphere. Nature can be brutal and often man has to figure out how to tame it to some degree so as to make life more comfortable and healthy. Progress is never perfect, but usually the good out weights the bad. And often an attempt to improve things may not go very well at the beginning, but with further work and tweaking will bring a lot better results in the future than if no attempt to improve things was attempted in the first place. I am into being innovative and looking for reasonable solutions. I certainly do not see using Ox power(an idea mention by a person I know) as a reasonable solution to the worlds energy needs in the future.

        This world is very complicated, but we can if we become more capable spiritually be able to handle this complexity and the serious problems that come with it. But, we will need to start really advancing in the spiritual area and become more willing to let go or improve upon the spiritual ideas of the past. We have so much more to learn about the spiritual and we need to start working really hard to start making some progress in this area. Science has advance so much in recent times, but the spiritual has been resistant to change and having improvements and advancement made in that area.   We can do a lot to improve our spiritual beliefs/programming(understanding of the spiritual)and spiritual practices/training.  One can only become really good at anything with proper training and programming.Spiritual people need to work with science and technology and the industries related to them, rather than just constantly demonizing them.
    We can do a lot of value spiritually if we work in cooperation with others and have the spiritual strength and awareness to be able to deal with the complexity and intensity of the problems that come with our age and the people who are contending with these problems. The solutions will not be easy, and will require a multifaceted approach. We have to much polarization in this world today, and this is making solutions to our serious problems so much more difficult. We need to start looking for the degree of truth that can be found in all the points of view presented when ever we are trying to find a workable solution to a problem
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  1. I am sorry that I could not get the paragraphs perfect. But, it would not correct while making a number of editing attempts, so I will just accept imperfection in that regard.


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