Why Life Can Have Pain and Tragedy?

TRAGEDIES: People often wonder why really terrible things happen to people in this world. One must realize that we live in an extremely challenging world in which natural and unnatural disasters and tragedies happen. We have hurricanes, volcanoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, droughts, famines, disease etc. We have bad accidents with our modern vehicles and technology. We have wars and people subject to really harsh conditions and terrible abuse. People can live lives that are really extremely painful and challenging. Some people may think that this means that our reality was poorly designed by God or universal spiritual forces.

But, if one believes in reincarnation, then people who have really tragic lives, will also have lives in which things will work out better for them. Things tend to balance out over time, but this balance can take more than one lifetime to balance out. Going through a lot of pain and hardship makes one appreciate when things are going well, and helps one to persevere so as to achieve a lot when the goings are really rough and big obstacles frustrate ones progress. The spirit will retain the spiritual/emotional strength its gains from having really rough lives and be able to utilize what it gains from one lifetime in future lives.

No matter how good our spiritual radar is, we can not avoid all the dangers that exist in this precarious multiverse, and at times may choose to expose oneself to these dangers for some important reason. But, storms do pass and sunshine does return, things are always changing and over time(lifetimes) this reality we exist in is very fair and can work really well for us. It is good to keep working on ones spiritual radar through improving ones beliefs/programming, diet, and spiritual practices/training so that one can handle the intense challenges that life will bring your way. What ever happens to us, we will survive as a spirit, and often we will overcome situations we may feel are impossible at the time, provided we just do not give up and just keep putting forth all the effort we can muster so as to out last the forces that are impeding us.

I do believe strongly that we should work to make this world more human. We can limit the amount of tragedy that happens in this world and cut down on the amount of abusive and harsh conditions that happen here. We do not need to learn everything the hard way. There are better ways to toughen the spirit and develop more empathy than having to go through terrible tragedies, that often take quite a bit of time to heal from so as to utilize the strength gained by having experienced them. We can use really tough spiritual training to toughen ourselves up spiritually/emotionally so that we can handle all sorts of really intense/rough conditions well.

In order to be helpful to people who are struggling with extremely rough times or are overcoming very intense trauma from a tragedy they or someone close to them has experienced, one has to be really able to handle this type of tragic spiritual/emotional energy well. We need people who have the spiritual character that can handle a lot so as to be able to help those who are in need support in times of tragedy, and to also be able to help tackle the intense problems in this world that leads to way too much tragedy. It is time for us to advance further spiritually in this world and make it a lot more humane place to incarnate in.

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