The Importance of Time to Our Reality

TIME is related to the physical side of our reality. If we were able to escape from the influence of the physical completely time would lose its importance. Some people do not value the resistant and challenging physical part of our reality that much and would like to be able to escape from this part of our reality and some of the laws related to it which include time. I believe that the physical aspect of our reality is extremely vital and we need to make the most of it and the challenges it poses and the strength that comes from it. With this strength comes a past that is unable to be altered after it has happened. Because the past can not be altered, we have a present that is stable and reliable to a considerable degree and that we can apply what we have learned from the past to, so that we can create a better future.

I believe the strength, stability, reliability, and purpose that our physical reality gives us is vital to our reality and vital to our spirit’s well being. I believe we do not escape the consequences of our actions by escaping time. That we will continuously face the consequences of our actions through time not only within our present life, but beyond this life. That the physical multiverse will continuously exist always providing spirits with the strength, reliability, and stimulation that incarnating in physical worlds provide us with.

I believe that a lot of spirits will tend to get attached to a particular planet in this multiverse and continuously reincarnate there so as to provide spiritual continuity there. It would be quite chaotic, if too many of the spirits on a planet came from other planets and were not attached to the past here and the traditions that exist here. Most spirits do tend to get attached to their physical location and to the traditions associated with a location. How a spirit acts when incarnated in this present life, will tell a lot about how the spirit will act through a series of lives. Most spirits do not change rapidly, as is indicated by how hard it is for people to change spiritually. Spiritual change or inner change takes a lot of time and effort due to the strength in which people hold on to their core beliefs.

. Those who do really challenge themselves intensely spiritually and use really difficult and intense spiritual transformation/development techniques to alter their inner being can go through quite rapid spiritual change. Most people do not go through rapid spiritual change unless their physical environment forces them to do this. Rapid spiritual change often requires a crisis in order to motivate someone to see that this type of change is required. Our very vital physical part of our reality provides us with these crises to help our spirit change and become more advanced/capable/aware spiritually and also with the means to transform our self using meditative techniques, diet, deep thinking, and a testing ground that can be used to test how well our beliefs and spiritual state does when strongly challenged over a period of time.

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