PAIN is a important part of life. It is hard to really achieve a lot in life without feeling quite a bit of pain. One often has to put ones heart on the line in order to make things happen in ones life. When one falls in love one is taking a risk by allowing oneself to become open and vulnerable to another person. When one takes on a really big challenge ones heart is also put on the line. When ever one puts ones heart and soul on the line one is risking that one will get hurt. When one pushes ones limits emotionally, one can overdo it and wear oneself down and get sick. When one pushes oneself too hard physically or are not careful enough one can have injuries. It is hard to avoid all the accidents or dangers that are part of life no matter how hard one tries.

One can get better at handling pain, if one has had a lot of practice dealing with pain. One can train oneself spiritually to handle a lot of pain well. Being able to handle emotional pain well through tough meditative training can help one to handle physical pain better. One can also meditate on physical pain directly which not only can make one stronger in handling pain, but can help one to heal oneself, provided one is on a good diet and gets enough rest so as to keep oneself charged up spiritually.

The pain we feel will not be stronger than we are, but it can be a match for our strength. The stronger we are spiritually, the more pain we can handle and the more pain we will be able to feel. Being able to feel pain gives one empathy for all those in the world who are struggling and gives one the strength of spiritual character to have a lot of positive impact in the world. This value of the spiritual strength and empathy that one gains from being capable of feeling pain really strongly can really outweigh the negative side of it provided one has` learned to handle pain really well.

Pain does tend to connect one really strongly to this physical concrete reality. It is really hard to see this world as an illusion when one is feeling a lot of pain, or is aware of all the pain that exists in this world. We are part of the collective spirit of this Earth we exist on. We should be able to connect psychically to the pain that exists here. But, we also need to be able to tune out this pain at times so that we can relax and recharge spiritually and appreciate and enjoy what is positive in this world. It is important to be able to find some sort of balance.

When people are hurting in any part of this world, we should be able to tune into this pain and sense how it is representing a certain unhealthiness within this collective spirit we are part of. A spiritual warrior has to be able to handle pain well and be motivated by this pain to not only work to heal him/herself, but to work to help heal the problems in this world that cause pain to so many of its inhabitants. One can get a lot of joy from helping/comforting those who are really struggling and hurting in this world. The more one see the value of pain in making sure one is aware of a serious problem, the more one can become able to better handle it.

We need people to take certain things seriously, and feeling the pain helps people take things more seriously. We have a lot of serious problems in this world and we need people who have a really serious focus and are aware of the pain these problems cause to help tackle and remedy these problems to some degree.

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