Overcoming Challenges

SPIRITUAL STRENGTH TO OVERCOME OBSTACLES AND DEAL WITH CHALLENGES. I believe one develops strength by going up against resistance. I see the physical world as providing this necessary ingredient. I believe that one must be incarnates in this resistant physical environment in order to have the strength to really help make things happen spiritually. This belief in the importance of the physical aspect of our reality strongly affect how I believe the spiritual work.

So I tend to empower the spirits that are now incarnated in this physical world and make these spirits very responsible for the state this world is in spiritually. I see spirits(without bodies)as being very very helpful to us because of the freedom the spirit world provides them with, but dependent on the spiritual energy that we(incarnated spirits)generate. When we pray or meditate we do tend to send spiritual energy out that can be utilized by these helpful spirits to benefit us or others we pray/meditate for. I believe prayer and meditative techniques can help people directly who need it, or indirectly through the helps of these non-incarnated spirits. God would be the umpire making sure the universal rules that make our reality able to work for our benefit are maintained.

I believe that meditative/mind-body techniques can have strong spiritual impact on oneself and those one influences spiritually. I believe the body is a really valuable spiritual tool provided we learn to use it properly and effectively. When we leave our body at death, I believe we will retain our spiritual strength we gained by taking on tough spiritual challenges during our lifetime, and be able to use it to be helpful to those living in a physical world(including loved ones left behind) who are able to feed you the type of spiritual energy that is in harmony with the type of spirit you are. I believe all individual type spirits must incarnate from time to time to keep healthy, aware, and strong. Some spirits may pick more advanced physical environments to incarnate in than others. Spirits while not incarnated in a body in a physical world are able to travel very rapidly through space to places they are really needed. This need will power the spirit. The spiritual is very much powered by need.

We are always exchanging energy with others and with the environment we are in. We tend to both feed on the spiritual energy now on this Earth and feed it back energy. Some people will make an effort to send out better spiritual energy than they take in. While others will just reflect the spiritual energy around then and not alter it much. A lot of people focus on fields of expertise other than the spiritual and will tend to reflect the prevailing spiritual energy that they are exposed to.

We do need the people who have a strong spiritual focus and time to meditate and use other spiritual practices to work hard to make a positive spiritual impact on the type of spiritual energy that prevails on this planet. This prevailing spiritual energy will be by most people represented mostly by how well they behave or perform in this world.

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