Dreams – A window to the Spirit World

I believe that dreams provide us with a connection with the spirit world. That is why psychics(prophets) often get valuable spiritual insipiration or visions while in a dream state(or a similar altered state). I believe that spirits in the spirit world world(not incarnated at this time)play roles in dreams and play out scenarios to represent the spiritual energies one is dealing with in ones life at the time of the dream. These spirits can represent through playing the role of a person in ones life, the spiritual/psychic affect these people are having on you at the time of the dream. These spirits can even play the role of oneself in a dream and play out a scenario that can give one insight into the spiritual state one is in at the time of the dream. These non-incarnated spirits will just mirror the psychic/spiritual/emotional energy that one is being affected by at the time of the dream.

Sometimes a dream will involved a more direct spirit to spirit connection between two incarnated people/spirits, or between even someone alive(incarnated)on this Earth and someone(often a loved one) who has died(passed on). People who are more psychic will connect with more such spirits that have passed on recently.

All this action happens on the subconscious level which is where one connects with ones inner spirit and connects with the spiritual side of life and the spirit world. The subconscious mind plays a very strong role spiritually.

The spirit world is less inhibitied and freer and a lot less limiting than the physical world, so dreams tend to be exaggerated and involve being able to do things one could not do safely in waking life. One can breath underwater, can fly like a bird and even travel through outer space in dreams without mechanical devices or vehicles.  The exaggerated quality of dreams can get a point across often in a way that is more obvious and less subtle than analyzing ones waking life. Symbols often play a strong role in dreams and in the spirit world. Most dreams are like analogies that can tell one a lot about what is going on in ones life at the time of the dream

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