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Meditation/Meditative Walking/Running: developing a stronger spiritual connection with the physical

Warning:  It takes a lot of time(years)to develop the ability to handle this spiritual-physical exercise in its most intense form.  The body needs to be given time to adjust as to frequency, duration, and intensity of any intense type exercise including this meditative type.  One should consult a medical doctor if you have any conditions that could make this exercise unsafe in any way.  This should be done at your own risk.  The spiritual has a really inner individual focus,  unlike science, and one has the accept responsibility for ones own actions and ones ability to sense intuitively what will work best for you.  Crisis always entails risk, and all effective spiritual exercise trains one to handle life at its most intense, so their will be risks, and one needs to do ones best to be vigilant so as to avoid serious trouble even when faces really tough challenges.  FEEL FREE TO SIMPLIFY OR BE CREATIVE WHEN USING THESE MEDITATIVE EXERCISE TECHNIQUES SO AS TO MAKE THEM MORE READILY FIT YOUR INDIVIDUAL NEEDS!

What is a meditative walk?  A meditative walk is a walk done with a breathing technique and rhythm that puts one into a meditative state. It involves short steps and rapid breathing and rhythmic movements. Controlled hyperventilation is what puts one into an altered meditative state. One has to get the body use to this state in order to handle it safely and gain the benefits of it, similar to other exercises. Some of the upper body movements are geared to simulating the brain and increasing the blood flow to it so that one can do this exercise in a very low energy fatigued state. Being able to handle a really low energy(survival) state really well helps one to become really strong and sensitive spiritually. Ones stationary meditation practices will get better as a result of doing this meditative walk, so that one can really quiet the mind and better tune into psychically to the energy around you. While doing the meditative walk, I do sense a lot psychically about the environment I am moving through, and do sort of snake through the neighborhood avoiding and energy that feels unsafe, crossing the street and changing course to avoid any thing that gives me an uneasy feeling. Sometimes avoiding dogs and wild parties is involved.

All meditation involves a degree of over-breathing(controlled hyperventilation)which removes extra carbon dioxide in the form of carbonic acid from the blood making the blood more alkaline which I believe adds to the relaxation affect that meditation has.  Different types of breathing tend to come with different emotional states.  Rapid short breaths often result when one is in a really intense emotional/spiritual state.  Spiritual training helps one to handle spiritual/emotional states that are difficult to handle and tend to put a lot of stress on the body.  In order to be able to handle very challenging physical-spiritual states,  one has to condition the body through a training program that involves effort over a long period of time.  When one does anything that the body has not conditioned to handle, it will be unsafe to do.  The medical profession does not tend to see hyperventilation as positive, since they deal with people who are not trained to handle it and tend to have a one size fits all scientific approach, that tends to ignore the importance of the type of inner individual focused spiritual approach that physical-spiritual exercises entail.

I have two breathing techniques I use with my meditative walking training program.  One which is less intense involving breathing in with one step(or forward arm movement) and out with the next.  And another that is more intense that involves breathing in and out with each step(or forward arm movement).  The more rapidly one breaths the shallower the breathing will tend to be.  The diaphragm has to be trained over a long period of time to be able to handle the more rapid movements that are involved in more rapid meditative breathing techniques.  The focus of my type of meditative walking is very much upper body, with the arm and shoulder movements and side-ward movement of the waist, sort of powering the legs to move.  This exercise tries to limit the workload on the legs, and shift it very much to the upper body, which helps get more blood flow to the brain enabling one to do this meditative exercise when in a fatigued state in which one would not be able to normally function in.  The sort of exaggerated shoulder movements used in this exercise also help more blood flow get to the brain by sort of massaging the neck.  The rapid breathing I believe does affect one neurologically which also tends to stimulate the brain. Breathing can be by nose or mouth!  Mouth breathing may work better with more rapid breathing techniques. 8/24/18 I recently added a third technique breathing in really deeply with two steps and then out with the next two steps!

As one improves ones techniques one will tend to move slower as to forward progress and take quick shorter steps which will of course increase the rapidity of ones breathing(especially if breathing in and out with each step).  One can lean forward a little bit while focusing on landing on your toes first then heals and do more of a side to side motion which will help one take shorter somewhat quicker steps(using a sort of kicking motion) that can be done while in quite a deep fatiguing meditative state.  I find doing a sort of kneading action with the legs helps intensify the meditative state!   Closing the eyes for short periods of time(when safe to do)will help one to focus inwardly so that one can more effectively use the meditative state produced by this exercise to help one deal effectively with the emotions(psychological state)that the intensity of the meditative state produced tends to make one more aware of.  Any intensely effective meditative exercise will enable one to become more comfortable with and better able to handle more intense emotional/psychological states.  When doing meditative walking really intensely one can get ocular headaches that closing the eyes tightly for period of time can help you get rid of.  Keeping ones eyes open too long when in a meditative(somewhat similar to sleep) state can strain the eyes.  If one gets cramps or other painful physical symptoms, one needs to slow down and lessen the intensity of the exercise or focus more on the upper body movements that make it effectively work.  If your lower back hurts(from the tension created) you may need to stop and stretch periodically and be slower and more careful!  In time one will become more in tune with your body and become better able to know what will safely work for you, and what will cause you problems.  The object is not to hurt oneself, but to get healthier physically and spiritually.  I do now use a standing in place meditative movement exercise using the very same technique as the meditative walk, but with the feet staying planted in place.

One has to pay attention to your foot placement when doing meditative walking so that you can maintain good balance in an altered meditative state, the side to side movement of this exercise should help ones balance along with keeping ones feet far enough apart to increase stability.  One needs to pick a route that one is familiar with and is pretty safe especially when one is just beginning this exercise.  One can stop at anytime when faced with any possible dangers or obstacles.  When one becomes good at this exercise, one will be able to sort of snake through the territory one is walking through in a way to avoid any possible dangers or obstacles.  One will draw spiritual energy from the earth as one does this exercise which gives one more spiritual strength to be able to handle more and more challenging spiritual/emotional/psychological states as one improves at this meditative walking technique.

Please read the updates that follow, since my meditative techniques continue to evolve!

2/2/17 I also now started running again and am doing a 3/4 of a mile run(after over a year off) using the breathing in with one step and out with the next!  This breathing is a little more than normally required making the run more meditative in nature.  This helps me to get more out of myself spiritually so as to further intensify this exercise when doing it alone!  When exercising in a group I can feed off the spiritual energy of the group and require less of my own spiritual motivation to drive me!  Aerobic exercise like running or my dumbbell swing exercise increases circulation which helps the nerves to handle more.  Meditative walking does help exercise the nervous system and make it stronger.  Dealing with intense spiritual/emotional/traumatic situations does create stress which takes a strong nervous system to be able to handle well!

8/13/17:  Lately when doing my meditative walk, I close my eyes tightly with 3 steps and open them with the fourth when I can and still be alert to cars, dogs, obstacles etc.  I focus mainly on my back of my neck(an important brain-body connection point close to the reptilian part of the brain that it is so important to gain spiritual control of)and how my vigorous shoulder action in rhythm with my walking motion massages it.  The closing of the eyes tightly also create another focus on the third eye or spiritual center of the brain.  My movement does have a certain amount of side to side motion with its short somewhat quick steps which helps stimulate the connection between the right and left sides of the brain.  My lower back tends to get a lot of tension also because of the intensity and precision of the movements so I must stretch my back periodically to relieve some of this tension.  I do continue to breath in and out with each step!  When pushing the edge spiritually you need a lot of body awareness to ensure you do not  hurt yourself in a way that would put you out of action!  You can always stop doing the meditative walk at any time to prevent hurting yourself and just do a really safe easy walk or even stop and rest a while!

8/20/17:  This is how I now do my intense meditative morning 3/4 of a mile run routine 4 days a week! I do dynamic stretching before and after and brief running warm up before. I now run breathing in and out with each step using short quick steps and rapid arm movement! After really pushing my meditative walking to clear out some really deep emotions in me, I found I had to run this way to avoid certain pains in my feet from occurring. I focus on massaging my neck with my shoulder movements and on the reptilian part of the brain which can cause problems if not gotten under good control spiritually! I tired out quite a bit at the end. I feel I must exercise really intensely daily to protect my energy since it is so different spiritually as a result of its programming. My spiritual survival depends on me being able to handle the physical stress created by extreme spiritual/emotional states.

Please read the updates that follow, since my meditative techniques continue to evolve!

10/2/17: I have started focusing on the top of my head while using the same meditative technique as I mentioned on my 8/13/17 update above!  It seemed to give me more energy, but make me a little woozy especially when done at night!  It may be a technique that requires a lot of more basic meditative walking training first so that one has the really good balance and careful foot movement required!

11/4/17:  I am now breathing through my mouth a lot while doing my meditative walk while opening and closing my mouth(without closing completely)with each step in a way that tightens my jaw muscles when breathing out!  Not easy to explain!  Focus on 4 steps at a time(per cycle) and keeping my eyes close most of each cycle!  Try to put a lot of intensity in each cycle and push hard enough that my mind shuts down as my focus goes completely into technique with its short rapid steps and side to side movement with the legs apart enough to provide more stability! The elbows and shoulder movement helps create the side to side motion that helps make the steps stay close to ground so that the steps will become more rapid.  The legs tend to be rather stiff and a little bit of a forward leans of the body helps!

11/4/17:  My meditative run that I now do 3 days a week and is now 1/2 mile long with shorter rapid steps.  It is getting more meditative which makes it harder to do!

3/12/18:  I am adding more cat like movement in my meditative walking using crouching type movement which I do with waves of deep crouching followed by more upright movement to rest, since intense crouch type movement is so rough on the body that it can not be done continuously!  It does put one into a super vigilant type state ready to handle any emergency that may comes ones way!  Meditative walks of the type of intensity I do tend to affect the energies around me and I have to be in a state to protect myself from what I set off!  Often dogs and people stay clear of me when my intensity is extremely strong.  But, I can really scare aggressive dogs off by growling at them intensely and can shock or inform people about me with my intense verbal interactions with them!

5/26/18 Doing a meditation of a different type after my more intense early morning meditation where instead of breathing in and out with each step, I breath in with 2 steps and out with the next 2 with cat-like movement with focus on really breathing deeply and being in a quite really vigilant aware state.  Careful exacting type movement that is ready for whatever crazy spiritual energy or encounters may occur during the walk!  May need to scar dogs off with intense vocalizations.  Loud and intensely passionate verbalization can transform the spiritual energy around you when encountering obstructive spiritual energy which when found in dogs will just represent the human spirits that they are strongly bonded with!  Human spirits are responsible for the type of spiritual energy they send out that has a very strong impact on they world around them and whatever influence they have on other other humans or animals spiritually! Objects and locations can have certain spiritual energy attached to them based on what spirits are close to or attached to them.  Traumatic events can spiritually imprint/influence certain locations!

8/26/18 – I am now using two meditative walking techniques, one that involves breathing in and out with each breath that is very intense and is best done without the close  presence of other people!  The other technique involves breathing in very deeply with every two steps and out with the next two.  Both techniques involve cat like crouching  which is helped by leaning forward and using the muscles that lift the legs a lot!  the feet are suppose to glide along hardly leaving the ground except to make adjustments based on terrain!  This type of walking movement should create tension to help increase the intensity of the breathing especially when doing the breathing in and out with each step technique!  The arms should move rapidly from side to side in natural rhythm with with the walking motion and the up and down motion of the shoulders should massage the neck!  The upper body affect of arm and shoulder movement pumps more blood to the brain intensifying the intensity of the walk and affect on the brain!  I try to get use to pushing the pace of the walk as hard as able to maintain an effort level harder than almost anyone is capable of!  I try to move my arms very vigorously using the nervous energy I pick up on to help me do this.  Using nervous energy to help intensify the meditative state will condition oneself to relax oneself under states that would be really hard for others to do! Either nose or mouth breathing can be used, mouth breathing may work better with more rapid breathing techniques.  I use mouth breathing with the breathing in and out with each step.

One can use similar technique while doing a meditation lying down on ones back using similar shoulder movements and even legs movements to some degree.  One can move ones feet and hands/fingers a little bit also when doing this in order to gain more of a wholistic connection to the body.  One can even do some hand/finger movements when doing the meditative walk.  I find tensing the stomach muscle as though attempting to do a crunch(but without any actual body movement occurring) when breathing in can create tension that help one the breath more intensely and thus increase the effectiveness of this lying down exercise.  When doing a sitting meditation similar techniques can be used, but one may need to do a little back and forth movement of the body  above the waist in order to create tension in the stomach muscles in a similar way as I mentioned above in regard to the lying down meditation.  Also in both lying down and sitting meditation, it can be helpful to close ones eyes extra tightly when breathing in so as to help prevent or alleviate ocular headaches. One can close ones eyes or not when breathing out depending on what ones finds works best for you!  One can do various arm movements with sitting and lying down meditation for short periods of time in order to intensify the meditative state.  When the body gets more relaxed you will not be able to do as much body movement, but that is fine as you will then be in a very comfortable meditative state or may sometimes go into a dream sleep state and connect with the spiritual realm.  Dreaming is a very important spiritual state which is very much affected by how good your spiritual programming tunes you in!

IMPORTANT;  You can do even more intense meditative exercises and avoid ocular head aches by squeezing the eyes really tightly shut when exhaling the air forcefully out:  sort of squeezing forcefully what ever emotions out of ones body.  One does not have to keep the eyes continuously shut and can do this while walking and running while opening the eyes enough to proceed safely!  One will get better at this with practice as practice is what makes one really good at anything provided one uses good techniques so that one does not injure oneself.  Pain needs to be paid attention to and one may need to increase one shoulder movements and slow down a little or stop at times until one figures out how to keep from having any pain of the type that can injure oneself.  Recovery time is important!  It can takes decades of practice to become really good at pushing ones limits to the extreme and have developed the intuition and skill at making adjustments required to safely get away with it.  I been doing this most of my life and I am 65 years old!

As I become more advanced/intense in my meditative walking and other meditative exercises, I focus more and more on the area of the brain closest to the base of the brain called the reptilian brain.  It is often maligned because it deal with hard basic emotions/energy, but is required to get a wholistic connection with all of reality.  In the advanced human brain we must make an effort to better connect all parts of the brain and thus gain more spiritual control over it and the body it connects to!  The rapid shoulder movements help one to better focus on the back of the neck and reptilian part of the brain.

Here is a YouTube video I did to demonstrate meditative walking:

Here is a link to another extremely effective form of spiritual-physical training/exercise:

After my accident/fall and dislocation and other damage to my right arm, I no longer can do this exercise.

Here is a bunch of links that can connect you with a whole bunch of my spiritual stuff:






My Astrology System Formula

10/21/18  8:30 AM,  I use 5 levels on each chart based on certain times before spiritual birth(which is when the spirit enter/incarnates into the body which I believe happens shortly before or after physical birth).   I use 4 aspects of all the characters to the  Sun,  Jupiter, the Moon, the Nadir as set by exact aspect to the Sun’s nearest star: Alpha Centauri(actually 2 stars that appear as one and located around 29 Scorpio),  and external ones to the Galactic Center.  These aspects  I use for example represent the 4 phases of the moon in regards to the aspects  between the Sun and Moon.  The aspects I use are:   The conjunction(00 degrees)which is ruled by FIRE;  the opening square(90 degrees)which is ruled by EARTH; the opposition(180 degrees)which is ruled by AIR  and the closing square(270 degrees)which is ruled by WATER.  The maximum orb for an aspect is 30 degrees.  Aspects deal with the area that the characters(Sun, Moon, Alpha Centauri, Midheaven, Nadir, and planets)direct their energy into.

The time of the first level of the chart is set up by the first exact aspect before(spiritual) birth between the Moon and the Midheaven. This is the inner personal/individual (intimate)level and is dominated by the Moon(inner individual Water).  The individual/personal type characters that play an important role on this level are Mars(individual/personal fire), Venus(individual/personal earth), Mercury(individual/personal air), and the Moon(individual/personal  water). These characters rule the following aspects: Mars rules the conjunction aspect of the Moon to the other characters(this aspect is relational fire), Venus rule the opening square aspect of the Moon to the other characters(this aspect is relational earth), Mercury rules the opposition  aspect of the Moon to the other characters(this aspect is relational air), and the Moon rules the closing square aspect of the Moon itself to the other characters(this aspect is relational water).    The ruler of this level is the individual/personal type character that rules the exact aspect between the Moon and the Midheaven that sets up this level of the chart.  The Moon position used for the aspects above is the one in its exact aspect to the Midheaven.  The Moon itself has only one of the above aspects that counts for it and that is its exact aspect to the Midheaven that sets up this level of the chart.  The Moon does not aspect the Nadir.

The time of the second level of the chart is set up by the first exact aspect before(spiritual) birth between Jupiter and the Nadir. This level is the outer individual(purposeful)level and is dominated by the Jupiter(outward individual Fire).  The characters that are directed outwardly and play an important part on this level are:  Jupiter(outer individual fire), Saturn(outer individual earth), Uranus(outer individual air), and Neptune(outer individual water).  These characters rule the following aspects:  Jupiter rules the conjunction aspect of  Jupiter itself to the other characters(this aspect is group fire),  Saturn rules the opening square aspect of Jupiter to the other characters(this aspect is group earth), Uranus rules the opposition aspect of Jupiter to the other characters(this aspect is group air).  and Neptune rules the closing square aspect of Jupiter to the other characters(this aspect is group water).    The ruler of this level of the chart is the outer individual character that rules the exact aspect between Jupiter and the Nadir that sets up this level of the chart.  Jupiter itself has only one of the above aspects that counts for it and that is its exact aspect to the Nadir that sets up this level of the chart  Jupiter does not aspect the Midheaven.

The time of the third level of the chart is set up by the first exact aspect before(spiritual) birth between the star: Alpha Centauri and the Nadir.   This is the inner universal materially focused level  directed toward the practical/expertise/skill needed in a concrete physical world that can be quite challenging and is dominated by the Nadir(universal  earth). The universal characters that play an important part on this level are Alpha Centauri(universal fire), the Nadir(universal earth) The Sun(universal air), and the Midheaven(universal water).  These characters rule the following aspects: Alpha Centauri rules the conjunction aspect of the Nadir to the other characters(this aspect is universal fire), The Nadir rules the opening square aspect of the of the Nadir itself to the other characters(this aspect is universal earth),  The Sun rules the opposition aspect of the Nadir to the other characters(this aspect is universal air), and the Midheaven rules the closing square aspect of the Nadir to the other characters(this aspect is universal water).  The ruler of this level is the universal character that rules the exact aspect between the Alpha Centauri and the Nadir that sets up this level of the chart.  Alpha Centauri does not aspect the Midheaven.

The time of the fourth level of the chart is set up by the first exact aspect before(spiritual) birth between the Sun and the Midheaven. This universal mental outer social level which is very readily expressed outwardly socially to “others”  and is dominated by the Sun(Universal Air).  The social realm is represented on this level of the chart which expresses itself through the dominant characters that set up of each of the 4 levels of the chart.   Social Jupiter(fire) rules the conjunction aspect of the the Sun to the other characters(this aspect is social fire), Social Nadir(earth) rules the opening square aspect of the Sun to the other characters(this aspect is social earth).  Social Sun(air)rules the opposition aspect of Sun itself to the other characters(this aspect is social air). And Social Moon(water) rules the closing square aspect of the Sun to the other characters(this aspect is social water).   This level of the chart tends to create more unity to the chart.  The ruler of this level of the chart is the element(with its connection to the appropriate character)that rules the exact aspect between the Sun and the Midheaven that sets up this level of the chart.  The Sun does not aspect the Nadir.

The time of the fifth chart is set up by the first exact aspect before (spiritual) birth between the Galactic Center and the Moon.  This externally focused chart is dominated by the Galactic Center(near 27 Sagittarius) which represents an external wholistic point that will have a strong affect on ones connection to the external reality of the moment and impact any characters it aspects on the chart. especially the Moon.  It gives aspects to all the other characters with the exception of The Midheaven and Nadir, but only receives the one aspect to the Moon that sets up the time of the chart. from the rulers of the other levels unlike the other characters.  It is the character that connects one with God!

The characters with 3 exceptions play roles on all levels of the chart, and the aspects on these levels.   The Midheaven and Nadir are exceptional,  since they only connect to each other and to the 2 exact aspects to them that set up  4 of the 5 different levels of the chart.   The Galactic Center is also exceptional since it only connects to its exact aspect to the Moon that sets up the fifth level of the chart. This gives the other characters  4 aspects that impact them plus the external one from the Galactic Center.  Therefore, the aspects end up influencing only one character(of the 2) in the aspect, except for the exact aspects that set up the levels of the chart.     In the first 4 levels of the chart the times the Moon’s 4 positions can be as much as about 3&1/2 degrees apart, and in the fifth level of the chart the Moon can be up to about 90 degrees in position or 3 months in time before birth.

This system is based on intuition(assumptions), logic and sequences. The very basic assumption is the acceptance of the value of representing everything using the elements Fire(representing energy), Earth(representing form/matter), Air(representing intelligence), and Water(representing spirit/emotion).  These 4 elements have this sequence:  First comes Fire representing energy/purpose, creativity and the future in which so many possibilities exist.  Nothing can exist with out a future and purpose to exist.  When fire burns up all its energy hard resistant Earth is what is left.  Earth represents form and structure.  Form gives the necessary differentiation/diversity and substance/strength required to make our reality function well and hold together under stress.   When Earth burns up its energy only abstract Air remains.  Air represents intelligence which is required as part of our reality in order for advanced life forms to be able to evolve/exist.  Our reality is designed in a way that can really serve the needs of advanced life forms really well with really advanced ecosystems.  When Air burns up its energy then only dreamy, meditative,  quiet, visionary, intuitive, healing, spiritual Water remains. Water representing spirit(which is powered by emotion) brings individual, collective, and universal type  spirits into the mix.  The ultimate purpose of this universe/reality is to provide for the needs of the individual spirits that depend on it for their existence.  The whole universe exists as the result of the needs of the spirits that are part of it.  Without spirits and their needs nothing would exist.  When water burns up its energy which tends to slow oneself down and work at healing from past traumas, then Fire is free to start a new cycle with a new burst of creative energy.

These sequences represents how the various astrological characters get defined. 1. The sequence for the inner individual characters(all in the inner part of our solar system)starts with Mars(Fire), then Venus(Earth), then Mercury(Air) and ends with the Midheaven(Water). This sequence goes from the slowest to the fastest moving of these small inner characters. 2. The next sequence is the one dealing with the outer individual characters. This sequence starts with Jupiter(Fire) and moves outward through Saturn(Earth), Uranus(Air), and finally ends with the furthest big planet Neptune(water). 3.  The final sequence is the one dealing with the universal characters.  It starts with the Sun’s nearest star (Alpha Centauri=Universal Fire) ,then the center of our planet Earth(Nadir=Universal Earth), then to the center of our solar system(Sun=Universal Air). and finally to our position on the surface of our planet Earth(Midheaven=Universal Water).  The Galactic Center stands alone as an external wholistic character.

I do not use signs(for interpretation) or houses in this astrology system since I could not find a logical way to set them up, and found they were unnecessary.  Also there are two competing astrology sign systems that are incompatible with each other, but have a lot of believers in each(Sidereal and Tropical).  So that sort of make me believe that their effectiveness is based more on belief in them than on how well they actually work.  If an astrology system is overly complicated and can be used in a way to come up with many different interpretations, then someone will tend to find parts of the interpretation that will fit them.  Intuition can often come to the rescue of an astrologer and help them focus on the interpretations that fit best.  I developed a new astrology system because I found that when using a traditional astrology system that my intuition was often correcting for the inadequacies it had.  I also found out after being pushed to the very edge in 1992,  how important it is to have ones beliefs based on logic and direct experimentation and not on mythology.

Back in 1977, I let myself get really deeply into astrology which I knew inside me that once I allowed myself to emerge myself in it, I would find it really hard to ever detach myself from it. It takes extremely hard work over a very long time to achieve anything of real value in this world. I have been developing and perfecting this astrology system obviously for a very long time. I have really high spiritual standards, because I know through direct personal experience how much this world really badly needs a good tool(tuning devise)to help it advance to a higher spiritual level that will help it better cope with all the serious problems rooted in the spiritual that exist here.

It takes an awful lot of experimentation and trial and error(mostly error)in order to develop anything new. Innovation is never easy. Discovering more of the truth will come with some really challenging lessons a long the way! I hope to get the opportunity to test this new astrology system on some fresh people. I have used the charts that I had done quite a bit in the past as well as some done recently along with those of famous people to help me determine if my astrology system worked well. I could not develop an astrology system using my astrology chart alone as a reference!

Here is a link to the rulers of the 4 levels in a whole bunch of celebrity charts:




Training really hard in Vegas

I have been doing an awful lot of meditative walking while in Vegas the last 3 months! I do not do them slowly even with my very advanced meditative technique and tend to pass almost everyone when walking on the Vegas Strip. I get in a very serious spiritual state so am becoming very grounded in reality spiritually unlike the predominating spiritual mindsets that exist here on this Earth where zombie like humans are everywhere that just tune in spiritually to what is readily available psychically due to lots of other believers locked in to these autocratic type beliefs that tend to be accepted with out serious thought as to how well they work in the very challenging reality we exist in right now here on this Earth! The strong connection to this physical world does require one really have ones act together as the result of being programmed in really great spiritual theories that are strongly imprinted as a result of really effective meditative exercises as well as being tested by the serious/strong challenges that this Earth has so many to offer!
Besides all the walking, I do run a half mile almost every day while also doing some strength exercises with my 5 lb weights and 20 lb weights along with stretching.  My right arm(which was dislocated along with other damage), I also stretch with all my might using my good left arm!  It still can not reach above my nose, but I slowly make progress!  I am very fit as a result of all the effort I put in!

“Church of Spiritual Research and development” needed

In a world that tends to hold on too strongly to the spiritual beliefs of the past, a new approach to the spiritual is badly needed, especially when so many of it problems are rooted in the spiritual,  and in which science has advanced beyond the level of spiritual maturity required to properly deal with the problems it presents.  We need a practical type of spirituality that focuses on the world we exist in right now rather than devaluing its challenges by creating future existences that eliminate and devalue the importance of these challenges in furthering spiritual development and bringing out the most in us all spiritually.  Since the term “Religion” applies to institutions that deal with everything spiritual and is often protected to some degree from being interfered with by governmental control and interference,  we are forced to use it in order to gain the protections that come with it!  Often those who describe themselves as “spiritual” get shutout from real religious freedom because they are into psychic/spiritual abilities, astrology or certain forms of meditation.

The physical-spiritual connection is so important when it comes to bringing the spiritual more effectively into the type of realty we presently exist in.  I developed a new Spiritual Astrology System using decades of trial and error while also simultaneously improving on my meditative (spiritual training)  techniques and spiritual theories!   So I do have an extremely strong focus on spiritual research and development which was made possible by being “differently abled” as is often the case with people with the most in spiritual potential.  Here on wordpress I have so many posts dealing in more detail about myself to be explored by those who desire more details about me and my spiritual research.

I now live in Las Vegas, NV which tends to really regulate those who are different in what they are into spiritually!  Often that which is new or different scares those who have a more traditional approach!  The forces trying to maintain the spiritual status quo are often strong and can really fight against anything that challenges their spiritual mindset!  New spiritual approaches do have their risks, but not making an attempt to find ways to improve spiritually is also risky especially in the highly challenging technologically advanced world we now exist in.  Science cannot do it all, the Spiritual also plays a counterbalancing role.  Emotion and desires requires a lot spiritual maturity to be properly directed!  So many harmful addictions exist in this overly commercially focus world!  Religious freedom needs to be properly applied to those on the cutting edge spiritually.

Smug, arrogant, and clueless

A lot of people on the planet Earth buy into lock in(addictive) authoritative belief that give them a superior spiritual attitude unjustified by how well they are able to perform in the challenging reality they exist in! Human beings have the capability to take charge of their spiritual energy and to stop being passive and a victim of instinctual impulses! Not only do most Religions take a very passive spiritual approach while conceding to an authoritarian dogma not to be questioned, but Science often also tends to deny our spiritual potential to have much impact on our own spiritual destiny individually and thus have greater spiritual impact on the future of our planet! Science tends to see our biology and instinctual side as being really dominant and tend to discount the positive value spiritual will power has in transforming us. Drugs and medications tend to be over depended on and will power tends to be discounted.

It is just hard for most people on this planet to see how backward they are spiritually and the part they play in helping to keep this planet so backward spiritually! The spiritual actually operates in a very rational way, but antiquated spiritual beliefs are often based more on mythology than on how reasonable they are when it comes to helping us adjust to and perform in the challenging reality this highly advanced technological age we live in has brought about!

Human being are actually capable of behaving in a more rational in tune with realty way. Our rational mind created our advanced technology and now our rational mind needs to help us to advance a lot further in regard to our spiritual maturity and our ability to take on more responsibility spiritually for the state this world is in. We can become major spiritual actors with a lot of positive impact on the world we exist in, and become more empowered as front line spirits rather than just concede to the spiritual status quo and the inflexible authoritative energy that supports it. An all powerful God is not going to solve our problems for us, we must grow up spiritually and take on the spiritual role we are capable of! A lot of people in this world are just smug, arrogant, and clueless spiritually and are upholding a spiritual status quo that is keeping this world in such a really backward state spiritually through their unwillingness to challenge and work to improve on the spiritual beliefs/theories they have been programmed with deep within themselves!

Below this paragraph is a link to links to a lot of the huge volume of spiritual stuff I have place all over the internet over a ten year period. I developed a new astrology system not based on ancient mythology, but on rational spiritual theories and tested by how well they enable me to push the edge safely with the extremely intense spiritual/meditative training I developed and do! I have had an extreme creative spiritual focus my whole life, since I am “differently abled”(limited visual memory and finer motor skills) in a way that I am not good at anything else. My uniqueness has made my survival on this planet extremely difficult which required me to really depend on continuous spiritual growth to an extreme degree to ensure this survival as things in this world  for me became rougher an rougher over time! The shoulder dislocation and disability in my right arm only added to my challenges and spiritual demands on me. Necessity is often the mother of invention, and I am an extreme case of this being true!

Links to meditative exercises+other very important links to connect with me&my spiritual stuff

Other important links:

Here is a link to others links connecting to a huge  volumn of spiritual stuff I have on the internet:

Forced to move in order to survive and reach the right people with my advanced spiritual ideas!

Just got our eviction notice, so we(me&3 other associates)will be moving to Las Vegas the middle of June! I always live on the edge of survival although most people caught up in the normal inadequate spiritual programming of our times are clueless as to my unique situation in this world. I am a one of a kind spiritually due to my decades of efforts in this area, and will count on my spiritual uniqueness and extremely advanced spiritual capabilities I have developed through years of extremely hard creative work to make my value noticed to the right people.

I have so much spiritual stuff on the internet that just has not reached many people despite its value. We live in a world in which some people just are not in position to be heard and a certain dominating and limiting mindset prevents certain ideas from being heard! But, ! must make myself heard and go to a place where I can attract attention to myself and what I am capable of! I may have a very weak position in this world, but I feel extremely strong spiritually and will take on any spiritual challenges that come my way as I always have!

My astrology system(based on universal physical-spiritual connection) is amazingly good as a rational spiritual tool, but because it is so unique and not based on some ancient addictive type mythology, it is hard to get most people to see its value! Addictive mythology based beliefs just still dominate this world with most people being clueless as to how this is holding this world back spiritually while creating so many serious problems here that can not continue to be ignored without disastrous result in the future!

This link will connect people who are seriously interested in an effective rational reality based spirituality to an awful lot of the spiritual stuff I have  posted on the internet!  Astrogoodwin is my internet name!

New exercise I am able to now do despite injured right arm!

See previous videos on this site for more information on the shoulder dislocation and associated injuries that occurred as a result of a fall on a concrete sidewalk the night before Easter(APR 1).

Here is the video demonstrating the exercise that is replacing my previous dumbbell swing exercise!

After shoulder dislocation, Pictures/video showing very limited range of motion in shoulder!

video done JUN 4th 2018:

Demonstrating how I still have limited range of motion a long time after my dislocated shoulder occurred the night before Easter(APR 1). Video done JUN 4. I can use my uninjured left arm to stretch my injured right arm further which demonstrates some of my shoulder muscles in my right arm do not function at this time! I do continue to stretch my right arm with and without the help of my left arm! I do swing a 5 lb dumbbell through this range of motion I have in my right arm to strengthen it and can do a bicep curl holding two 5 lb dumbbells in my right hand. Also can do a squat to chest exercise two handed with 20 lb dumbbell for over 1 minute now!
For further background on this accident and my rehab start with this blog post and then check out later blog posts on this subject:

My range of motion in my right arm is quite limited. I did have my dislocated arm worked on at the VA hospital ER on Easter morning and I am sure the professionals brought in on call after me waiting a number of hours in pain did the best they could with the help of Xrays! I just had a lot more damage from my very hard fall onto a concrete sidewalk than just a dislocation as pain in elbow, hand, upper arm, shoulder and ribs for weeks after accident continuing to the present seems to indicate. Have not been back to VA hospital since missing a walk in type appointment due to not finding parking in massive traffic jam at hospital 8 days later on a Tuesday! I was in pain and my friend driving was also in pain due to injuries still healing from an car accident around Halloween! I gave up on the VA which was hard to get rides to and which may have costed me time and money I could not afford with my dire financial situation!

6/13/18 updated with latest video on my progress!

Spiritual value not hurt by shoulder dislocation&associated injuries from my fall the night before Easter

This is an update, have written about this previously. For those who have not kept up on my progression toward recovery from this accident, here is a link to the first in a series of blog posts I have on this subject:

Here is my daily evolving morning exercise/rehab program as of today, 5/28/18: Started with some stretching! Then, did various movements to rehab my right arm/shoulder’s range of motion with and without the 5 lb dumbbell! Did left handed weightlifting with 20 lb dumbbell and also did some 2 handed 20 lb dumbbell bicep curls combined with squats! Then did a little more stretching! Then did warm up quarter mile meditative walk before doing exhausting quarter mile run, and exhausting 3/4 mile meditative walk! I do everything with the great intensity that decades of extreme and creative spiritual physical training has enabled me to do!:

Range of motion for my arm with elbows straight is only 16 inches from side to side and 29 inches front to back! That means I am really limited in what I can do! At the elbow I am not limited, have full range of motion and getting my strength back! I do not have the time or money to find out what type of operation/surgery might work to improve this situation! My ability to function in the area I have of value(the spiritual) to the world is not harmed by this limitation and dealing with this situation has made me have to become even stronger spiritually using my very advance meditative techniques to enable me to heal a lot of the damage done and to handle the pain that helps the body really focus on healing!

I understand that there is a lot of determination in this world to not deal with the pain and hard work and change required to advance further spiritually and shed the intoxicating addiction to the spiritual beliefs and techniques(rituals) of the past! So getting people to value my expertise is not easy here! But, anyone without spiritual blinders on should be able to see how messed up this world is spiritually and how important it is for every individual on this planet to do their part spiritually to improve these problematic conditions! Spiritual competence in the world starts with individual spiritual competence and as long as people arrogantly cling to the beliefs of the past this world will continue on a path that will not serve it well spiritually!

For those who are not familiar with my spiritual theories and techniques this link that follows has a list of links to an awful lot of my stuff of immense value I have on the internet that has not yet got much attention drawn to it by a public that tends to just like to have their present spiritual ideology reinforced rather than challenge themselves to advance further in this very important area related to creating a better future on this planet both individually and collectively:

My accident recovery and the challenges of being extremely unique in a spiritually backward world

Everyday I do left handed weightlifting along with rehab for my right arm/shoulder, an intense quarter mile run, many extremely intense and painful 3/4 of mile meditative walks! I do push my limits and the intensity of my meditative walks do make my pain in my right arm/shoulder worst! Being a spiritual pioneer that tries to challenge the limits of what I can handle spiritually, I try to make my cat-like crouched meditative technique even more intense so as to feel the pain even more acutely. I battle the pain in order to learn to handle it better, and also heal myself. The ability to handle pain really well is needed in order to develop the intense spiritual strength required to handle the really really serious problems of this challenging reality we are part of……………………………….
I do pay for how hard I push it with arm and shoulder pain at night! But, I am getting more use to intense pain and still get some good sleep! At least I can sleep lying down which I could not do for 4 weeks after the accident/fall/dislocated shoulder. More than a dislocation happened in this fall, my body is feeling pain in elbow, hand, and right side of chest! I did not think of other injuries when at the ER when I had a dislocated shoulder that demanded immediate attention. Have been on my own medically since that ER visit which suits me fine. I do best dealing with my medical issues on my own, and can not afford to do otherwise………………………………………………………………………………………………………
I do have serious survival issues that make so much in my life extremely difficult and society plays an extremely strong role in this due to its failures in serving me as well as it does others who have more “normal” needs! Society provides jobs, housing, and all sorts of public services for people who are very normal in their abilities, but is way too backward spiritually to understand and help address the basic need of someone as uniquely abled as me. People assume I fit in to society a lot more than I do and can be quite clueless as to the real circumstances I face trying to survive in this world. I am pretty much one of a kind and that is why I am the spiritual pioneer I am! I do not qualify for social security retirement due to limited work history and would not be alive today if not for the help of family and friends…………………………………………………………………
So many people with positions of power and influence in this world are really spoiled and arrogant, often blaming the victims of their inadequate policies/actions and abilities rather than becoming more responsible in their approach. They become too intoxicated by the money they make and power they are able to yield! Heavy spiritual consequences result in this highly technological age we now exist in when a society lacks an adequate level of spiritual maturity to deal with the serious problems within it! Seeing things from many sides and angles in all of its complexity is not easy! People often would rather have a tribal type mentality that irrationally ignores or condemns that which they are not familiar with! Religions and societies can be quite tribal and irrational in how they evaluate the value of what they believe to be true as compared to what others not in their group/ organization believe………………………………………………………………………….

I am a “differently abled”spiritual pioneer trying desperately to elevate spiritual expertise on a backward planet

In order to advance to a higher level spiritually you must first develop the will to do so! Delusions are everywhere along with the irrational habits/ addictions that come with them. The mind can not perform on a really high level if one is unable or unwilling to do what it takes to become as healthy as one is able in order to maximize the unique abilities one possesses! I focus on intense physical-spiritual(meditative)training and a very strict healthy diet for that reason which I have developed over decades! We do live in a permissive age in which people who excel are often put down for hurting the self-esteem of those who do not! Limitations are part of life, so we need to figure out what areas we are good at and what areas we are limited in!

Our grip on the truth in the present is no where near as good as so many “professionals” would like you to believe! Often we only see how messed up things are when they become history, but are unable to see how inadequate we are in the present! It is easier to condemn the past, than to face the harsh realities in the present and our own inadequacies in understanding and addressing them! People will often put a positive spin on their reality in order to make them appear better so that they do not have to face how delusional or distorted their evaluation of their competence is when it comes to their ability at contributing to the state of well being of themselves and the world around them! Delusions develop when one puts a spin on reality like sales people and politicians often do! People often want to believe they know more than what real evidence actually exists! Conspiracy theories will develop supporting various ideological extremes when not enough solid facts exist or even when no really reliable information backs up their conclusions. Junk knowledge is everywhere today, just like junk food!! It is hard for that of real value to be found when so much junk is blocking the view!
People who are delusional and have irrational/unhealthy addictive(locked in) beliefs or habits will often become arrogant and quickly dismiss any growth in spiritual understanding that could threaten the delusional state that they so enjoy being in! How so many people are able to arrogantly tune out how messed up this world is spiritually is hard for those whose survival requires them to face this harsh reality to understand! Irrational beliefs/delusions and the arrogant attitudes that enable them are the enemy of those rational people truly trying to address the extremely serious problems of our modern age! Spiritual maturity is very lacking in an age in which selling intoxicating “feel good” creature comforts is what supports so much of the world economy! Addictions and delusions do tend to mess up individuals and societies as a whole and the crises that inevitably will result will force these people to face and address the reality they are fighting to avoid or else face really harsh and sometimes fatal consequences!
I have so much valuable spiritual stuff on the internet that need to reach the minority of people who are really searching for better spiritual understanding and thus will see the value of what I have come up with as a result of a lifetime of intensely focused creative spiritual effort and purpose! After this paragraph will be a link to links to my spiritual stuff on the internet that has not yet reach many people. I have a new astrology system based on very advanced spiritual theories that needs to be tested that can become the focus of a new spiritual movement! Science develops new theories and formulations that really impact our reality on this planet, the same can be done in the spiritual area!
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